10 Low-Cost Marketing Tips

March 22, 2015

Looking to market your business on a budget? There are plenty of budget-friendly marketing strategies available. Standing out is hard for an independent business. But the reality is, marketing doesn't need to be expensive to be effective. So let’s dive into some low cost marketing ideas!

1. Track Your Brand's Twitter Mentions

By setting up a simple search for your company's name through a tool like Hootsuite, you can be alerted any time someone mentions your name on a social media site. Consider using one of these tools to monitor both the positive and negative comments about your company by clients or followers.

The key is to respond: if someone tweets something positive about your company, you may want to follow that person and thank them for their support. If someone has something less-than-nice to say about your company, consider it as an opportunity to remedy the situation. You may wish to apologize for the bad experience. By responding publicly, it may allow others to see that you’re a company that takes customer complaints seriously.

2. Use Facebook as a One-Stop Shop

Setting up a Facebook page for your company can help make it easy for people to discover you and stay up to date with your company news. Your Facebook business page can be used to provide information, including:

  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • Pictures and videos
  • New products & services
  • Company updates
  • Contact information

A Facebook business page can help you connect with Facebook users who might not otherwise get to your main website.

3. Share Your Pictures

Apps like Instagram and Pinterest make it easy to snap and share a photo and offer a great opportunity for your business. By sharing photos of your office, products, and events, you can provide a behind-the-scenes look at your business and invite customers and potential customers to get to know your brand.

4. Hold a Google+ Hangout

Consider sharing your knowledge through an online webinar. For example, Google + offers users the chance to invite up to 10 participants to a web chat. It could be a great way to brand both yourself and your business.

5. Business Opportunities

LinkedIn, Quora, and Focus are sites that help to connect people by enabling them to reach out to discuss business opportunities. LinkedIn can be used to share personal and business experiences with others.

6. Explore Hashtags

Hashtags can be used to create searchable topics on Twitter. Hashtags can help you to:

  • Connect to people with similar interests
  • Join in the conversation
  • Learn more about a given topic

Websites like Hashtags.org can help you explore hashtags that you may be of interest to you.

7. Create a Hashtag

Consider creating your own hashtag to promote your company’s products or events. It can help to encourage people to participate and spread the word on Twitter, as well as allow you to track who’s talking about the event.Be creative, keep it simple, and make sure someone else isn’t using it!

8. Schedule Your Social Media Updates

It can be time-consuming to add followers and update your social media profiles on so many social media accounts. Pick the few that your customers are on the most and focus your efforts there. Use tools like HootSuite and Buffer to schedule your updates so that you maximize your time using social media. Aim for a mix of the following in your updates:

  • Responses to other users’ tweets or comments
  • Questions to generate conversation
  • Learn more about a given topic
  • Company news
  • Content, both yours and others’

9. Create a Press Release Calendar

Public relations - or PR - is another fantastic means of getting more attention for your company. If you have news to share, a press release is the way to go. With so many ways to share socially, you can get your news on more sites and social media channels. Set up a calendar of ideas for news topics you already know about, such as your annual Christmas sale, or your participation in an event in July. You can fill in the rest as news happens. Here are a few ideas for press release topics:

  • Launch of new product
  • Opening of new location
  • Donation to charity
  • Local recognition
  • Winning an award
  • Sale or promotion

10. Make Friends with Journalists

There are journalists and bloggers who cover your industry. Get on their good side, and you’ll increase your chances of getting mentioned in the media. Start by finding out who these journalists are. Follow them on social media and retweet their tweets. Read their articles. Comment on them. Make sure they know you’re a fan. Build the relationship from there. When you’re ready to pitch your story, they should already know who you are.

Standing out is hard for an independent business. But the reality is, marketing doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective. Click here to download your FREE copy of our latest eBook: 25 Low Cost Marketing Tips for Small Businesses.


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