13 Tips That Will Make Your Facebook Business Page Sizzle

January 22, 2016


So you took the 5 minutes to get your Facebook Business Page live and now you need to populate it with some catchy content to garner some attention.

A recent study showed that the Canadian attention span has dropped from an average of 12 seconds in 2000 to a low of 8 seconds today.  This is actually worse than the estimated attention span of a goldfish, which scientists say is about 9 seconds - ouch.

So it’s apparent that the amount of time you have to impress visitors on your Facebook business page is getting shorter – much shorter - thus raising the stakes for your choice of content.

Here are a few tips for keeping visitors on your Facebook Page more than the initial 8 seconds:


1. Feature a branded profile picture

Whether it’s simply a company logo, or another business-related photo with branding, this will immediately grab a viewer’s attention and clearly identify what your Page is about. 



2. Find a catchy cover image 

The cover image is much larger and visible to Page viewers, so try to be a bit more creative here. Use this image as a way to communicate more detail about what your business stands for.  Keep in mind that Facebook cover photo dimensions are 851 pixels x 315 pixelsTIP: Download a pre-sized Facebook cover photo template here.



3. Link your photos

Hyperlinks are the simplest way for customers to arrive at your website or online presence outside Facebook. This also saves valuable visitor time hunting around for a URL.


4. Content is crucial

The more you post, the more likely you are to catch the attention of new viewers, fans and customers. Keep in mind that photos are some of the most engaging types of content you can publish on your Page.


5. Get on board with buttons

Facebook has established “call to action” buttons that help drive people to take actions that are important to your business.  Examples include viewing your ecommerce site, or finding directions to a physical store location. You can add a call to action to your Page at no cost.



6. Tell them who you are

The “About Us” section presents the perfect opportunity for you to brag about your business, so don’t leave this step out.   Mission statements and other affiliations (partnerships, organizations, awards, etc.) are great to include here as well, so pat yourself on the back as much as you can (within the character limit, of course).



7. Tell them what you’re doing

Posting about events is popular on Facebook, particularly if viewers can share them.  Viewers can see who’s going and sometimes even images of previous events.  This tells viewers not only what events you are hosting, but also what events you are attending, to further emphasis your presence in the community.



8. Don’t disappear

Once you commit to a presence on Facebook, don’t just stop posting content for two weeks.  It’s very easy to lose your viewers’ interest and you can quickly become “out of sight, out of mind,” if you stop showing up in their News Feed.


9. Engage

Facebook should not only be a tool for you to tell others about yourself, it should also serve as another communication and engagement tool.  Best practices show that Comments and Private Messages from fans/viewers should receive attention within 24 hours.



10. Boost

Facebook has added the option of boosting a post to get it in front of more viewers.  Learn more here.



11. Look to Facebook

Facebook itself has created libraries of resources on how to raise the awareness of your page, either through paid or unpaid action items.  Make sure to look into these valuable tools. 


12. Start sharing

The primary purpose of social media networks is to connect with other users.  Sharing interesting content is the best way to get noticed and increase your followers, but share more than your own content. TIP: Follow the leaders in your niche, share their content and be part of their conversations.  Hopefully, they will return the favour.


13. Use hashtags

Facebook has embraced the hashtag craze to allow more connections and conversations, similar to how Twitter handles them.  Don’t over-cram hashtags in your posts, but adding one or two relevant hashtags can help bring more attention to your shared content.


Despite the rise of other social networking sites, a 2015 study from Forum Research indicates that Facebook is still the top social network in Canada, followed by LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  With over 757 million daily users, and only 8 seconds to grab their attention, it’s time to start making your Page work for you.

There are a lot of ideas out there on how to boost the relevancy of your Page and viewership, but choose those that are doable and those that work best for your business.  Good luck!

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The information in this article is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal, business or other professional advice or an endorsement of any of the websites or services listed.

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