3 Benefits of Accepting Tips Through Payment Terminals

December 5, 2017

Tipping is a common practice for most service-based industries; from restaurants and cafes where tips are expected, to hair and nail salons where it’s a common nice-to-do. But with the current decline of cash in the pockets of Canadians, it’s becoming more important than ever that businesses make sure that they accept tips through their payment terminals.

If you’re unsure whether accepting tips though payment terminals is a good idea for your business, consider the following benefits.

Prompt All Customers for Tips

Are your customers unsure about whether or not your business accepts tips? While it’s obvious that your server at a restaurant will be expecting a tip, some businesses aren’t so clear in their tipping policy. Service-based environments like hair and nail salons, tattoo parlors, spas, and others are inconsistent in their tipping policies, and may leave customers unsure of what to do.

Customers who aren’t sure of the tipping policy may forgo tipping altogether if not prompted. Having payment terminals prompt all customers for tips ensures that any confusion is averted, without having to be too forward about your tipping policy.

Make Tipping Simple

Though tipping has become a common practice in service-based industries, trying to figure out what the correct tip amount is can be difficult. Whether it be rounding the bill to the nearest whole number, choosing a percent of the overall amount, or an appropriate dollar amount, there’s a variety of different methods customers choose to pick a tip amount. Tipping etiquette can be so confusing that everyone from TripAdvisor to the Huffington Post have written about it, and there has yet to be a final answer on what a proper tip looks like. 

Businesses need to make tipping simple for customers, and offer some guidance on what the appropriate tip amount would be. When you accept tips through payment terminals, you can set different preferred percentages to display when it’s time for the tip to be added; this helps customers tip in amounts that you consider reasonable for the level of service you provide. Making tipping simple helps ensure that the high quality service you provide to customers continues throughout their experience to checkout, and helps get the tips that staff deserve.  

Track Tips Better

Most businesses attempt to track the tips that are received from customers so that they can be accurately accounted for, and divided between specific individuals or groups. Tip out policies have become a standard practice to ensure that hard working back of house staff can also benefit from tips, but when these tips come in through a variety of different payment forms, attempting to properly account for them can be difficult.

When a tipping option is turned on through a payment terminal, customers don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. The tip is added to the final amount taken off of their card, and staff can track their tips through the merchant receipts they save for the end of their shift. This allows staff to correctly account for their tips, and tip out properly, but also allows business owners to know exactly how much additional revenue was brought in.

Accepting tips through your payment terminals is a simple way to ensure that you don’t miss out on tips that your staff work hard for. To learn more about initializing tips on your terminals, or to get your set up today, contact the Moneris Customer Support team at 1-866-319-7450 today!  

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