3 Features That Can Benefit You in an Integrated Restaurant Solution

June 26, 2019

Trying to keep a busy restaurant organized can be difficult for even a seasoned restaurateur, and finding little ways to keep on top of things is important. This is just one of the many reasons why an integrated restaurant solution is a great idea for restaurants of all sizes. Consider the following three features that can benefit you in an integrated restaurant solution, and if they’re something you can foresee working for your staff and your customers.

Ease of Use

An important aspect of any integrated restaurant solution is ease of use, from imputing orders to printing receipts and reports. When the solution is easy to navigate, staff will be able to input and finalize orders quickly, allowing them to spend more time with their customers. Many of the restaurant point of sale solutions on the market today have been designed with ease-of-use in mind, keeping layouts simple and customization options.

Menu Management

Menu’s are very rarely set-in-stone, as chefs and restaurant owners prefer to change up their offerings from time to time to keep customers happy. Whether it’s a seasonal change based on local produce that’s available at the time or daily features that change based on the chefs recommendation, it’s important that your integrated restaurant solution offers menu management. This feature gives restaurant owners the power to add, edit or remove menu items whenever they need, allowing their POS solution to reflect the menu being handed to customers.

Reporting and Analytics

There’s no better gauge of how a business is doing than reliable reports and analytics, which is why it’s such an important feature to look for in an integrated solution. When the reporting metrics connect to a payment system specifically, floor managers and restaurant owners can feel confident in knowing the revenue, taxes and tips being paid on every bill. Having thorough reports also allow restaurants to capitalize on what’s working, and make changes to their menu that are inline with the most popular items or specials.

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