3 Of Our Favourite Gift Card Designs

December 18, 2017

Offering gift cards at your business is a simple way to bring in more revenue, add to your product selection, and make sure that you have options for your customer base. But the task of actually creating these cards can be a daunting task. From designing the cards to having it printed, and making sure they work with your POS system, you may need some guidance along the way.

To get you started thinking about the design elements of your gift cards, consider some of our favorite gift card designs on the market today, and how Moneris allows you to replicate many of these features.

Simple and Straightforward - the McDonalds Arch Card

The McDonalds logo is one of the most iconic brand logos of all time, so it only makes sense that it would be utilized on nearly every version of their gift cards. McDonalds consistently offers a variety of card designs, from seasonal options that celebrate holidays to generic designs with their logo front and centre. In addition to making sure their iconic logo is featured on the card, many of their designs utilize their identifiable shades of red and yellow.

Many of the branding choices that McDonalds uses on their gift cards can be easily replicated through the Moneris Card Designer* on your businesses’ gift cards. Choose a simple, plain background with one of your brand’s main colours, and have your logo front and centre.
(Image Source: http://www.londondrugs.com/mcdonalds-gift-card---20/L8468944.html

Products First – the Tim Hortons Tim Card

Tim Hortons is a long-time favourite Canadian brand, with thousands of stores across the country. Personally branded as “Tim Cards”, their gift cards are an easy choice for nearly every shopper and recipient, with visuals that are easily identifiable.

Tim Horton’s Tim Cards come in a variety of styles, with unique versions released around holidays, back to school, and even the start of hockey season. These cards all have common design elements however: a branded cup of Tim Hortons coffee, a small brand logo, and very little additional text.

Choosing to isolate a single product and make it the focus of your gift card design is a great idea for businesses with a core offering. Upload one of your company’s favorite images into the Moneris Card Designer* and utilize it as the front and centre image choice. From there, a small brand logo and limited text will help you achieve the same styling a Tim Card has.
(Image Source: http://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/timcard/register-reload.php)

Fun Graphics – the Whole Foods Gift Card

Whole Foods Market, known more commonly as Whole Foods, is a major name in the supermarket business, focusing on sustainable, healthy products. Whole Foods products are intended to make you feel good, and their graphics-filled gift cards have the same effect. Many of their gift card styles focus on vector-style graphics placed on a solid green background, with their logo in the centre. These small images make for a fun and interesting looking card, while still featuring their brand details and products they sell.

Graphics-focused cards are simple to design for your own business using the Moneris Card Designer*. Our template options offer a variety of image-focused designs, including seasonal and holiday options. After your design is chosen, upload and overlay your brand logo in the centre of the centre of the card and you have the perfect whimsical card design!
(Image Source: https://wholefoods.buyatab.com/custom/wholefoods/?page=egift)

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