3 Signs It's Time to Update Your Restaurant Terminals

December 17, 2018

How often do you consider the importance of your payment terminals on a day-to-day basis? From improving the customer experience to helping turn around tables, your payment terminals are an integral part of business success, but not everyone makes the time to update them when they start to age. Consider the following three signs that it might be time to update your restaurant’s terminals, and whether or not they apply to your business.

Customers Can’t Pay at Table

Once a customer is settled into their seat, it’s unlikely that they’re going to want to get up and interrupt conversation or their meal. This is why wait staff bring food to guests, and why they’re bill is hand delivered. But, if a customer has to get up and pay their bill somewhere else just to have the ability to use their debit or credit card, it can ruin an overall good customer experience. If your restaurant only has stationary countertop terminals that can’t be brought to guests, it might be time to update your restaurant’s terminals.

Long Wait Times To Process Payments

The ability to quickly turn over tables, allowing for more diners to come and go, is key to the success of any restaurant. Though it can be easy to think of the speed of kitchen staff as the most vital part in this, it’s worth considering how much time is spent during the payment process.

Older payment terminals with dated hardware may not be able to keep up with modern processing speeds, and can leave customers waiting to see an approved transaction. This can make settling a table with large table with individual bills a lengthy process, and slow down turn-around time.  If you find that your older generation terminals are causing long wait times, it might be time to upgrade your payment terminals.

Lack of Payment Options

As more payment options are introduced to the world of commerce, technology savvy customers expect their favourite businesses to stay ahead of the curve and accept these options. Be it tap cards, digital wallets, or other contactless options, many of these latest advancements are payment methods that can be accepted on payment terminals, so long as businesses have up to date models. Instead of using older devices that don’t accept these payment options and potentially damaging a customers' experience, it may be time to update your terminals and accept the payment types your customers want to use.

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