3 Ways Easy Payments Can Enhance Customer Service

June 19, 2019

Easy payments can mean different things to different customers. For some customers, an easy payment could be a payment that processes quickly; for others, it could be a payment that can be made with their preferred payment type. By any definition, it’s important to offer easy payments in-store to keep your customers happy and your revenue numbers growing.

Quick Checkouts Can Lead to Happy Customers 

No one wants to stand in a long line waiting to pay for their items, and there are studies that show that American shoppers will abandon in-store purchases after waiting just eight minutes in line. Once your customers are ready to make a purchase, it’s pivotal that checkout is quick so you don’t lose customers to long lines.

A quick checkout experience requires a few things: enough point-of-sale (POS) terminals for your customer traffic, well-trained employees who understand how to use the POS, and up-to-date payment terminals that process quickly. With these essentials in place, customers will spend less time in line waiting to pay so that they can enjoy their new purchases sooner.

Let Customers Pay Their Way for Higher Sales 

There are plenty of payment method options available to customers today, so it’s important that businesses support their customers however they choose to pay. Most Canadian shoppers have a go-to payment type they rely on for purchases, be it debit, credit or even digital wallets. The more cards your business accepts, the less likely customers will have to stop to think about which cards they are carrying at the time, and whether the limit or balance will allow for the items in their cart. 

Easy Payments Could Lead to Repeat Customers 

Customers who have positive shopping experiences are naturally more likely to return to that store than if their experience is negative, which is why easy payments can be so important. When a customer doesn’t have to wait an exorbitant amount of time in a checkout line (time they may spend reconsidering the purchase entirely), and can use the payment method of their choice, the entire checkout process becomes a positive, hassle-free experience. So long as your products are of the quality your customers expect, they will likely return to your store knowing you treat them right.

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