3 Ways Moneris’ Partnerships Help Restaurants

November 5, 2018

Here at Moneris, we know that our payment solutions are just one of the many tools restaurant owners rely on daily. Whether it’s a preferred HR solution or a delivery service platform, the operational duties that come with running a restaurant can be streamlined by having software that seamlessly integrates. This integration is just one of the many reasons why we have partnered with a number of industry leading restaurant service providers. Consider the following other ways Moneris’ partnerships can help restaurant owners and managers just like you!

Integrations with Leading Restaurant Point of Sale Systems 

Point of sale (POS) solutions are one of the most important elements in a smoothly running restaurant; from typing in guests orders and notifying the kitchen to splitting cheques and closing bills, a POS solution is a heavily relied upon part of the team.

To help make sure that your POS and payments solution work as one simplified system, Moneris has partnered with a number of leading restaurant solutions. One of these partners is TouchBistro, the number one grossing food and drink app in 33 countries in the Apple App Store. Not only can you integrate your Moneris solution with TouchBistro, but we offer bundled solutions where you can implement both systems at one time.

Expanding into the Broader Dining World  

The experience of picking up a take out meal or ordering in dinner has drastically changed in the past decade. Ordering food for take away has changed from standing in line and ordering with an employee at a cash register, to typing in your order at an in-store kiosk or on your mobile phone before even arriving onsite. At home, where there was once just a few delivery options that had to be ordered by phone call, Canadians now have endless delivery options that can be ordered on a computer or even through an app.

To help our merchants capitalize on this shift in dining preferences, Moneris has partnered with a number of different companies that can help change the ordering and delivering options at their restaurants; this includes having payments integrate into kiosks, and API options to have payments integrated into apps.

Tailor a Payment Solution To Your Unique Needs 

Just like a picky guest who decides to order an off-the-menu entrée to satisfy their taste buds, restaurant owners should be able to tailor a software stack that meets their unique business needs. Outside of the restaurant partnerships that we feature front and center on our Moneris Partners page, our solutions can integrate with hundreds of other software providers’ software solutions as well.

Our integrations allow you to create a restaurant software solution that meets your precise requirements. Whether this means that you need to integrate Moneris with a new HR solution, or a software that helps you order new kitchen supplies at any hour of the day, our team will work to find an integration method that works for you.

Interested in learning more about Moneris’ offerings for restaurants? Make sure to take a look at The Most Popular Payment Forms Restaurants Should Be Accepting and 3 Tips for Choosing a Restaurant Payment Provider!  

The information in this article is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal, business or other professional advice or an endorsement of any of the websites or services listed. 

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