3 Ways To Make Your Retail Space Summer-Ready

June 3, 2019

Summer is just around the corner, and with temperatures rising and the sun starting to shine consistently, Canadians are more likely to get outside and go shopping. To make your business get into the spirit of summer, there are small easy changes you can make throughout your store to help bring the sunshine, and more customers, inside! Consider the following three ways you could make your retail store summer ready, and have your business compliment the changing of the seasons.

Seasonal Displays

To help you customers and your staff get into the summer spirit, change up your current displays with some seasonal modifications. This could be updating mannequins’ wardrobes with new summer styles, adding new display posters or banners around the store with new summer-friendly images, or even simply putting items that you’re confident will be popular summer items at the front of your store. These small changes can give your storefront the feel of summer shoppers are looking for, and could even help to draw in more foot traffic.

Temperature Consideration

One simple consideration that can make a big difference in your customers shopping experience is the actual temperature and humidity levels in your store. Summer temperatures can differ greatly with each passing day, which means an air conditioner set to high may not be an every day solution. Be mindful about how your customers may be feeling with the environmental changes that are occurring, and find interesting ways to solve these problems. If you’re located in southern Ontario where summer humidity levels are high, make sure you have a dehumidifier system running to keep the air comfortable. If you’re located in B.C where the temperatures continue to break record numbers, consider offering your customers cool beverages and keeping your in-store temperature low.

Plan for Upcoming Events 

For most communities, summer is full of local festivals, concerts, street fares and other seasonal events. These events can draw a large crowd, and can have a great impact on businesses in the area. As you plan your summer schedule, inventory ordering and employee requirements, make sure to look on local news sites to see when and where there’s going to be events happening in your city. If these events will impact your business, make sure to plan for them ahead of time and have enough staff and goods on hand for when they happen.

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