4 Fun Features of New Payment Terminals

May 15, 2019

While most people are familiar with popular technology companies releasing new versions of phones and other electronic devices, payment terminals are also constantly being evaluated and improved. As new payment terminals come to market, it’s exciting to see the advancements that are being made to the devices, from colour terminals to Wi-Fi availability. Consider some of the following fun new features to payment terminals, and learn why we’re so excited to see them come to market!

Payment Acceptance Options

New payment terminals need to accept all the latest payment technologies, but have you ever stopped to consider how many there are? The latest terminal options on the market can accept: swipe payments from debit and credit cards, chip & PIN payments from debit and credit cards, contactless payments from debit and credit cards, as well as digital wallets. On top of all these options, new payment terminals can also be programmed to accept unique payment methods that your payment processor could offer like gift cards. Talk about a lot of responsibility for just one payment terminal!

Maximized Network Availability

Payment terminals need a strong connection to the internet to process a payment, but having a pile of wires beside your point of sale area can be an eyesore. That’s why newer terminals offer different network connectivity options to suite your setup! The V400m and Move/5000 support both Wi-Fi and 4G cellular connections, while the V400c and Desk/5000 support a reliable Ethernet connection.

Colour Screen Display

While black and white photography may always stay in-trend and give you a sense of familiar nostalgia, black and white payment terminals likely do not. New payment terminals have been designed with large colour displays that give a more modern appearance, and can be overall easier to read and use. Many of these colour screens have touchscreen functionality, making them even more simple to use.

Moneris Core

When we mention new payment terminals, it’s hard not to mention Moneris Core! Moneris Core is our new proprietary software that powers all of our next-generation devices. Core controls the payment, interface design, receipting and reporting functions on the device, and overall simplifies the merchant and customer experience. To learn more about Moneris Core, click here!

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