4 Inspiring TED Talks in 12 Minutes or Less

April 12, 2017


TED Talks have exploded since their initial inception in 1984. They’ve expanded to include conference-styled talks on everything from entertainment and design to business, philanthropy and even skateboarding.  

So there’s certainly no shortage of great content—and there’s no shortage of valuable insights for small business owners.

With the popularity of our first TED Talks blog post, we’ve assembled another short list of four great Talks to entertain and inspire. These talks cover everything from being a truly great leader to better managing your time. And they’re all 12 minutes or less.



TED Talk 1

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work (Running Time: 12:20)

We’ve been conditioned to believe that happiness is on the other side of success: you’ll be happy once you get that promotion, get married, finish your novel. But, as positive psychology researcher Shawn Achor says in this delightfully cheery talk, the opposite is actually true.           


TED Talk 2

Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership (Running Time: 6:14)

Being a great leader doesn’t have to mean commanding huge armies or helming multi-national corporations. Leadership educator Drew Dudley believes that truly great leaders work to improve each other’s lives. We all have it in us, he says—and we may have already done it.


TED Talk 3

Laura Vanderkam: How to gain control of your free time (Running Time: 11:54)           

Small business owners know (maybe more than anyone) that time is a precious commodity. All too often, the things that matter most slide by the wayside—but they don’t have to. Time management expert Laura Vanderkam shares her research on how busy people manage the 168 hours in every week and offers tips for “finding” more time.


TED Talk 4

Knut Haanaes: Two reasons companies fail – and how to avoid them (Running Time: 10:38)

Business strategist Knut Haanaes says there are two reasons that companies fail: exploration and exploitation. But the business sweet spot lies squarely in between. In this short TED Talk, Haanaes explains how businesses of all sizes can strike a balance to thrive and reinvent itself.

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