4 Tips For Surviving Slow Season

August 22, 2019

Almost every business will face something akin to a slow season, whether it’s a bar that experiences a lull in customers during the dead of winter, or a snowboard supply store that doesn’t see much foot traffic in the middle of July. Slow season shouldn’t be detrimental for your business. With the proper precautions and a list of potential to-do’s in place, slow season could be the down time you need to keep your business running smoothly! 

Diversify Your Product and Services Lineup

If your business specializes in items that aren’t in-demand all year-around, diversifying your product lineup may help you mitigate your slow season. This doesn’t need to be a dramatic change. Instead, it can be simple additions to your shelves that attract customers during your off period. For example, if your business is busiest during back to school season but gets quiet during the holidays, consider offering gift-able items that would make great stocking stuffers. Just make sure you let your customers know about your new offerings to encourage return customers.

Keep Your Customers Interested Online

Establishing an online community can help keep your business in the mind of shoppers all year-around, even when they don’t need to purchase anything. This can be done with tactics like an active social media presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where your customers spend their free time. Get to know what customers are looking for on each platform and find a way to serve that need. In addition, launching something like a blog on your website can help build a thought leadership presence for your business. By posting blogs on a regular schedule, you can share these posts through your social media platforms, and drive customers back to your website even if they’re not purchasing something.

Be Mindful With Your Cheque Book

During your slow season, finding ways to save money can make a significant impact on your business. This could be more obvious steps like cutting back on the number of employees working during this time period or ordering less perishable stock, or less obvious methods like adjusting the in-store temperature to save on heating and cooling expenses. Saving money during the slow season could help to ease the financial strain that comes from fewer sales, which helps prepare you for the busier season ahead.

Craft a Slow Season To-do List

Take advantage of the lapse in customers by checking things off your to-do list. Whether that’s a large task like doing a full inventory of items, or a small cleaning task that isn’t part of your day-to-day routine, using this extra time to focus on these tasks is a great way to stay productive.

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