5 Examples of How to Plan a Promo Card Promotion

June 24, 2019

Running a promotion can help you achieve your business objectives, whether it’s to drive in-store purchases or increase email opt-ins. And Promo Cards from Moneris help make setting up, running and measuring a promotion easy. Promo Cards are coupon-like gift cards that are offered as part of a promotion that your business is running, and can be given to customers as a reward or incentive to keep them coming back. Here are some examples of how you could align your business goals to Promo Card promotions to help get you started!

Want to increase or encourage repeat customers?

Repeat customers can offer significant value to your business, so it only makes sense that you would want to attract more of these types of customers. One way to do this is by offering a Promo Card that specifically encourages a repeat visit to happen within a short amount of time. This short time frame can help to make your business a regular part of a customer’s routine, creating long-term repeat customers. In this promotional example, a customer who spends $100 in-store in March is rewarded with $30 off their next purchase, to be made in April.

Want to increase in-store traffic?

In-store traffic is an important part of maintaining a profitable business, and using different promotions is a great way to increase in-store traffic. Whether it’s incentivizing customers to choose your business for an upcoming special occasion or rewarding existing customers with an offer that will encourage them to come back, Promo Cards can help. In this promotional example, a business can reward customers who dine at their restaurant on or around Mother’s Day by offering these guests a $50 Promo Card to be used toward their next meal.

Want to increase customer email opt-ins?

Emails are one of the most common and effective ways to communicate with customers, but first, proper consent is needed. Rewarding customers who sign up for your newsletter with a Promo Card is a great way to increase email opt-ins, and encourage shoppers to come back again. In this promotional example the Promo Card does just that, rewarding customers with $25 for their next purchase when they subscribe to your e-newsletter.

Want to increase online purchases?

If you want to increase online purchases and turn more online browsers into online shoppers, offering a Promo Card for making an online purchase might be just the push these potential customers need. By offering online shoppers a Promo Card that can be redeemed one to two months after their original purchase, customers are rewarded for repeat patronage. In this promotional example, customers who spend $50 online in May are able to receive a $25 Promo Card to use in June or July.

Want to encourage occasional customers to come back? 

Turning occasional customers into regular customers is a great business tactic that offers a number of benefits, like helping you meet your revenue targets and enhancing the customer experience. Promo Cards can help to entice shoppers to choose your business for their shopping needs. For example, give anyone who enters your store a $20 Promo Card to spend in July, incentivizing them to come back again and potentially become a repeat customer.

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