A Gift to Your Daily Sales

January 9, 2018

When do people give gifts? Sometimes it’s for an event, like a birthday, an anniversary, or a new baby. Other times it’s for no predictable reason at all, like a reward for a coworker who has done a great job on a project, or a friend who has had a tough week and needs to be cheered up. Savvy businesses understand that gift giving can and does happen at any time, and are eager to find creative ways to help customers act on these gift-giving impulses while boosting their own sales opportunities.

Offering customers gift cards that include a variety of messages is a smart way to meet both of those needs. Gift cards are a way of making your products and services accessible to customers and could mean more sales for you. And by providing your customers with gift cards that help them say what they want to say—beyond “Happy Birthday”—you’re cleverly tapping into the trend of everyday gift-giving.

Brighten up a bad day

Emotions can play a significant role in buying behaviour. Knowing that someone is having a bad day could be enough of a reason to spur a customer’s impulse to buy a small gift in the hopes of cheering this person up.

Keeping this in mind, consider carrying gift cards that reflect these impulsive and emotional moments. Gift cards with compassionate and encouraging messages like “Sorry you’re having a bad day,” “I’m sorry,” or even “You’ve got this” could help your customers deliver the sentiment they’re looking for and cheer up a recipient's day.

The cherry on top

The only thing better than having a truly good day is when someone else recognizes it. Whether it’s for delivering a stellar presentation at work, finishing their first half marathon, or closing on their dream home, showing you care about another person’s success is always appreciated. Businesses are in a great position to help customers deliver this message of excitement by offering gift cards that say the right thing.

By offering gift cards with positive and fun messages like “You rock!” or “Woohoo!” to customers, you can create the potential for new impulse sales.

No reason’s the best reason

Have you ever seen something in a shop and thought, my friend would love that? One way to tap into these kinds of impulse purchases is by carrying the right hip or quirky items and displaying them properly.

Knowing this, carrying fun and unique gift cards that catch customers’ attention and deliver the right messages can help prompt gift card purchases as everyday gifts. Sayings like “You’re the one I text at odd hours” or “I like you more than pizza” or “Happy Good Hair Day” can catch the eye of your customers and prompt that gift-giving impulse.

To learn more about how to enhance your current gift card program with greater variety or how to introduce gift cards into your business, visit moneris.com/sentimentgiftcards or call 1-844-645-4550.   

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