Be Open For The Holidays: 24/7

November 9, 2016


The holiday season is almost here, which means many Canadians will be searching the web to find the best deals. What do customers want from an online shopping experience? Aside from great gifts sold at attractive prices on an easy to navigate website, they want their information kept safe and a payment experience that's easy. It's never been easier to accept credit and debit card payments on your website and the best part of that is you never have to close your doors. Running an e-commerce store means you can make sales 24/7. 

Setting up your online store

There's still plenty of time to get your ecommerce store ready before the holiday rush.  To makes things easier, Moneris integrates with Shopify, a popular platform for creating an online store. You can use more than 100 professional store templates to build a custom website that stays true to your business. Or you can add basic HTML code to your existing website. And when you're ready to integrate credit and debit card payments, Shopify supports the Moneris Gateway to make sure your ecommerce store is payment ready. Using the Moneris Gateway, you'll get the same reliability, customer service and security you expect from Canada's leading payment processor that you would from in-store credit and debit card payments.

Making online payments faster and secure

Shopping online isn't always easy. Making customers enter their credit card and shipping information for every sale can lead to abandoned shopping carts and lost sales. But there's a fix.

Visa Checkout and MasterPass by MasterCard are secure online checkout services that streamline online customer payments. Integrating these features into your ecommerce store makes checkout easier across smartphones, laptops or tablets. Once customers register with these services, less time will be spent on filling forms. Visa and MasterCard store the customers' information, making it harder for hackers to access your customer’s information and thus your online store more secure.    

Protect Yourself from Fraud

Fraud can cost your business a lot. By having an anti-fraud strategy, you can help reduce risk and exposure to online fraud while providing a safe experience for your customers. Moneris offers a suite of tools to ensure your business and customers are protected. These tools can help you reduce risk, saving you time and effort while giving you peace of mind.


Ready to start selling online? Give us a call at 1-844-455-4283 or visit for more information. 

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