Businesses That Could Benefit From Long-Range Wireless Terminals

March 6, 2019

Connectivity and accessibility have increasingly become the top-of-mind for businesses in all sectors. Customers are expecting faster and more convenient access to the goods and services they need, and the power to pay for those items however they want. For a number of businesses, this can seem like a difficult ask; how is it possible for a delivery business to offer card-based payments to their customers at home or work? Long-range wireless terminals might be the solution! 

Consider the following business types that could benefit from long-range wireless terminals, and think about whether some of these rationale points might make sense for your business!

Delivery Services

Consumers’ schedules are busy, and many Canadians do at least some of their shopping online to make the best use of their time. Home delivery services for everything from books, take-out food, groceries, and furniture have quickly become a standard in the lives of many. But to pay for these goods, there’s a split in the marketplace; some businesses prefer to use ecommerce solutions to ensure customers pay for their goods ahead of time, and others offer “pay on the spot” services for when the goods are delivered. For those in the second category, long-range wireless terminals could offer the solution they need; a fast, efficient solution that works where they need to go.


It’s hard to think of an industry where wireless terminals are more of a necessity than the taxi industry. For drivers zipping from street to street, picking up passengers from one neighbourhood and dropping them off in another, reliable connectivity and processing speed is especially important. Long-range wireless terminals offer just that, keeping both drivers and customers happy. Many of these terminals can even hold a charge for long enough that they’re ready to use for a drivers whole shift.

Outdoor Market Retailers

Pop up markets, farmers markets and craft fairs continue to grow in popularity, and are a great way for small or independent business owners to bring their goods to market. However, making sure that customers are able to pay in a method that’s convenient for them is extremely important, especially in environments where an ATM might not be on-hand. Having a secure, long-range wireless terminal that can handle a high volume of transactions could be just what these businesses need. So whether you’re selling locally farmed produce or hand-beaded jewelry, there’s a long-range device that will work for you.

Whether your business is getting people around or selling the latest hand-made trend, a wireless terminal with a long-range, reliable connection, ease-of-use, and a versatile payment options will drive sales and boost your business. To learn more about long-range wireless terminals, make sure to take a look at their dedicated product page!

The information in this article is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal, business or other professional advice or an endorsement of any of the websites or services listed. 


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