Businesses That Could Benefit from Short Distance Wireless Terminals

August 27, 2019

Payment processing is one of the most important parts of running a business. You need a reliable provider that accepts many different payment methods, ensuring your customers can pay the way they want.  But what about the type of terminal you use?

Short distance wireless terminals are hand-held devices that can be detached from a charging base and carried around storefronts to process payments, some with abilities up to 100 meters, or 328 feet, away from their base. These wireless terminals have an extended battery life and WiFi capabilities, and a built-in printer so businesses can take payments on the spot. Short distance wireless terminals are a great terminal type for many businesses, but not perfect for everyone.

Restaurants with Patios

Patios strike up big business in the summertime, when Canadians get the opportunity to shed their winter coats and soak up the sun while they eat. Having short distance wireless terminals on-hand for these businesses is a great way to cater to your customers desire to stay outside while they pay. Having tableside payment as an option can also make clearing tables easier on staff, as they’ll know which seats are vacant.

Retail Businesses That Participate in Sidewalk Sales or Markets

During the warm summer months many retail businesses participate in local fairs and sidewalk sales to diversify where they meet their customers. And while these events are great ways to draw in customers, they need to be met with a payment system that will work on the go. Having a terminal that can be brought out of the retail store and onto the sidewalk is a great way to ensure you’re meeting the payment needs of customers in and outside of the doors.

Garden Centers

Garden centers or nurseries are a great example of a unique business-type that would thrive with short distance wireless terminals. Whether customers are buying a handful of potted plants or a small tree, you wouldn’t want customers carrying around live plants around a storefront to a cashiers station if they don’t have to. With a wireless terminal, these customers can pay for their items where they’re located, and bring them to their vehicles without potentially damaging the plants.

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