Customer-Friendly Approaches to Mobile Payments for Pop up Businesses

May 6, 2019

It’s important that pop up businesses are able to accept the payments customers want. As an inherently mobile business, a traditional countertop or short-range wireless terminal may not be a solution that meets your business needs. But, accepting only cash in a society that continues to decrease their use of cash isn’t a viable long term solution. Consider some of the following customer-friendly approaches to mobile payments, and if they’re something you can integrate within your business model.

A Simple Credit Card Reader

To break-free from the cash-only business model, pop up businesses need to consider how they can accept credit card payments. Credit cards are one of the most popular payment options, with nearly 89 per cent of Canadian adults having at least one credit card, so accepting them is a simple business choice. One of the simplest solutions to accept credit cards on the go is a swipe-friendly credit card reader, like the Moneris PAYD Roam Reader. This mobile payment terminal lets businesses accept credit cards from their smartphone or tablet through plugging the device into the audio jack. A solution like this allows customers to pay with their credit card on the go, and allows pop up businesses stay payment ready.

A Mobile PIN Pad

A mobile PIN pad allows businesses to accept debit and credit payments on-the-go with few other requirements than an internet connection. For mobile businesses, this can be particularly helpful as there’s fewer concerns about limiting payment options for their customers who may not carry a physical credit card with them, but may have a debit card or a mobile wallet on their smartphone. A terminal like PAYD Pro® allows pop up businesses to accept Apple Pay, Interac Debit and credit card payments through a single device. And, because the terminal features a PIN pad customers are able to secure their payment with their PIN in a way they’re already familiar with. Because of these security features and acceptance methods, customers are able to spend more money, with more payment variety at your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile payments, make sure to check out How Mobile Payments Actually Work and Wireless Payment Solutions for Businesses on the Move

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