Event Recap: Dx3 with Patrick Diab

March 15, 2021

If you weren’t able to catch Moneris’ Chief Product Officer, Patrick Diab at the latest Dx3 event, have no fear! Here’s a quick recap of the important insights he provided during the half-hour panel. Or, if you’d rather watch the panel in its entirety, follow this link.

The COVID conundrum

When COVID hit, there weren’t any existing blueprints for how businesses – both large and small – could deal with a worldwide pandemic. Unfortunately, the Canadian industry was behind in terms of digital ecommerce efforts – even when businesses had a digital presence, they didn’t have the full ecosystem of services required i.e. fraud tools and digital wallet acceptance.

On top of that, businesses offering curbside pickup were experiencing difficulty with their payment terminals, as most weren’t wireless and couldn’t complete transactions away from their checkout counter. This led to 23% of Canadian consumers giving out their credit card details over-the-phone1, resulting in higher fees and more chargebacks for merchants (average interchange rates for card present transactions are much lower than card not present rates).

The solution for both of these issues, as Patrick mentions, can be found with Moneris.

Bring it on(line)

When it comes to Canadian ecommerce efforts, Moneris Online is a well-rounded option that offers website building, fraud tool implementation, payment processing, and more. You can benefit from an AI-built website that accepts virtually all types of payments – including digital wallets – safely and securely. This means the plethora of Canadians who are shopping online can enjoy a seamless, contactless experience when they sign up with Moneris Online.

Terminal velocity

For those merchants who may not want to sell online, but still want a digital presence to advertise their product, it may simply be time to upgrade your POS terminal. As Patrick mentions, the brand new Moneris Go device is a jack-of-all-trades device that can accept payments from anywhere that has cellphone reception. With 4G wireless technology built in, curbside or on-the-go payment processing is easy as 1-2-3.  

Plus, you can rest assured that any and all payment solutions that Moneris offers are backed by multiple fraud tools that ensure the customer stays safe and enjoys a seamless – and contactless – payment experience.

The bottom line? There are solutions out there that can help Canadian business owners make it through these difficult times. Patrick suggests starting with Moneris.

Looking to start an ecommerce business?

At Moneris, our goal is to help ecommerce start-ups scale and grow. Looking for a partner with similar values and focus, we ultimately found and forged a relationship with Elevate. Together, we’re offering a highly specialized program that grows ecommerce start-ups into high potential titans. This involves mentoring, progress tracking, funding, and so much more. To learn more about Elevate and our ecommerce accelerator program, eCommerce North, visit their website.

Are you a startup with a mission? Apply to transform your startup at Canada's first ecommerce accelerator.

To catch all of the highlights from Dx3 2021, check out their website here.

1 https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/canadians-exposing-themselves-to-fraud-with-changes-in-behaviour-during-pandemic-876639013.html

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