Go "Back to Basics" with Quality Customer Service

March 22, 2015

Customer service is integral to various parts of running a business, with shoppers requiring quality attention along the purchasing journey. There are a lot of different ways to enhance customer service, but if companies don't make it a priority, they will never see any real improvements in customer service by way of repeat business and reduced customer churn. Instilling the priority of quality service in every employee throughout the business will lead to happy shoppers. This includes educating workers on how to work payment processing solutions at the checkout counter, assist shoppers with their products or services before and after purchase, and continue the good image of the organization.

Customer service is one tactic that companies use to retain buyers, as opposed to attract new leads. Customer service is a large component of a brand's reputation, leaving the department to keep consumers happy despite any positive or negative experiences they had with their products or services. The online publication Business 2 Community pointed out that the experiences shoppers have with customer service representatives should keep them coming back. Companies may be dealing with a lot of churn, but the way to keep customers from leaving is by offering them an optimal experience with the organization. Here are a few tips from the customer relationship management software provider Salesforce on how to make their experience much better and keep them coming back for more:

1. Be accessible

Multichannel customer service efforts are underway at many large corporations. This approach includes the use of phones, email and social media to give customers pathways to deal with their problems. One of the businesses most renowned for its excellent customer service is the footwear e-retailer Zappos. The company uses social media, online customer support and traditional channels to engage customers throughout their entire experience to make sure their needs are being met, explained DestinationCRM. Many merchants can use their POS systems to connect customers once they leave the store by asking for a preferred email address that can be used not only to deliver value-added promotions, but also reach out should the customer need support.

2. Be knowledgeable

Customer service representatives, employees and owners need to know what they're talking about to really solve any problems with shoppers. A professional and helpful way to serve customers is to fully understand their problems and resolve their issues quickly. For example, the U.K.-based cosmetics company Lush puts all customer-facing employees through thorough training so that they can provide customers with the best solutions to their issues without having to refer to another staff member, according to the SAP blog, Business Innovation.

3. Be immediate

If a company receives a complaint via email or on social media, address it as soon as possible. Don't let it wait around because customers will inevitably become angry after a while. Make it known that the company hears the complaint and is working on it right away. Social Media Examiner highlighted the lengths to which discount airliner JetBlue went to react quickly to customer inquiries. Using Twitter, the company responded to an unhappy traveler within an hour and provided them with information that helped the customer get a handle on his flight status. In addition to being fairly cost-effective, many customers connect using social media, making it an efficient communication tool. 

4. Be proactive

While connecting with customers and resolving their problems the right way the first time they ask, successful companies shouldn't wait until the customer has a complaint to provide outstanding customer service. This can range from the simplest of habits, such as greeting customer as soon as they walk through the front doors, to more technology-focused strategies like having a payment processing system that adapts to each customer's needs or preferences. Forbes emphasized the way Virgin Atlantic airlines has agents call customers ahead of their scheduled flight to tell them about online check-in options and inquire about their passport status if they're traveling out of the country. 

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