How a 12-Year-Old Can Manage a Business from an iPad

November 10, 2015


My latest business venture: Bee farming. My main tool: an iPad. The game is Bee Farming, an iStore app that lets young entrepreneurs start practicing the art of managing a business with a swarm of bees and $100 cash.

Seems silly, right? But an iPad is now a powerful business tool.

To be successful, users must put their employees (bees) to work gathering nectar and learn various facets of the business to further build the company.  Bee Farming allows a 12-year-old to manage a business from his or her iPad - and in many ways, so can you.

Apple’s Focus on Business

iPads have come a long way from simply being compact computers. Now they are essential business tools that allow a host of opportunities reaching far beyond simply scheduling and internet accessibility.  The iPad can serve a lot of purposes and may even be easier to use than traditional business applications or tools.

Apple CEO Tim Cook just recently spoke at the BoxWorks conference in San Francisco, highlighting the company’s focus on serving businesses and the fact that workplace tech is “not a hobby” for Apple.  The company boasts an exhaustive list of big-name companies leveraging the iPad to optimize their business. 

Some examples:

  • Emergency healthcare providers can access real-time patient info where and when they need it, via an iPad.
  • Manufacturing companies can use various apps to diagnose technical issues.
  • Transportation professionals can leverage location services and photos to quickly report hazards or accidents.

Many of these case studies point to large-scale implementations of the technology, but the lesson is the same for businesses of all sizes:

What was once a consumer tech has become a vital commerce tool that can enhance the way you operate your business.


Apple themselves evolved in-store sales; customers can now pay with any store employee via an iPhone- and iPad-based mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) checkout system.

In our previous article  “Mobile Payments for Merchants” we highlighted the benefits to customers of using mobile devices such as an iPad, but there are other value-added benefits of using iPads and mPOS systems for small businesses that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions such as PAYD Pro Plus™ from Moneris combine robust, cloud-based POS capabilities with a host of other merchant options including:

  • Manage your inventory levels
  • Create customer profiles
  • Access real-time sales reports
  • Manage employees and scheduling
  • Track customers with loyalty programs

Without compromising security, mPOS solutions allow businesses to leverage innovative tools for a streamlined, integrated way of managing their entire business.  Traditionally, hardware and software would be needed, along with extensive user training, to run these back-end tasks. Now, business owners can be managing everything directly from mobile devices, including customer payments.

So go beyond mobile payment and mobile accessibility.  Put your iPad to work for your businesses in more ways than ever before so you can build your own successful Bee Farm.

To learn more about mobile POS solutions from Moneis, visit


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