How Retail Stores Can Benefit from Mobile Payment Solutions

April 22, 2019

When you think of mobile payment solutions, you likely associate them with businesses on the go, not necessarily a brick-and-mortar retail store. But, having a mobile-friendly terminal on hand could actually be a great benefit to these businesses. Not sure how? Consider the following three ways mobile payment solutions can help retail stores.

Line Busting

One of the most popular ways to use a mobile payment solution in an in-store environment is through line busting. Line busting is the process of shortening or eliminating checkout lines by removing customers and allowing them to pay at a separate area outside of the main checkout line. Line busting is a common practice around the holidays, as lines get longer and shoppers are running low on time. To make line busting successful however, employees need to be able to accept card-based payments to complete purchases and get more customers on their way quickly. This is where a mobile payment solution can come in handy. Given that there’s no computer or iPad required to complete a purchase, staff can set up line busting areas in small areas and keep out of the way of browsing shoppers. To learn more about line busting, make sure to check out our article dedicated to the craft, What is “Line Busting” and Should You Be Doing It.

Pop Ups

Many brick-and-mortar businesses are finding unique and creative ways to take their business outside, from participating in a local farmers market or having a pop up shop at a weekend festival. But with these outdoor events comes the predicament of requiring a customer-friendly way to accept payments. Having a mobile payment solution on-hand is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on sales from customers who don’t carry cash. And, when the solution comes from the same payment processing company that handles your in-store payments, end-of-day reports and closing duties match seamlessly.


Many businesses will go through a period of renovations, be it to expand or modify the floor space, update the décor, or simply replace aging building materials.

When these renovations happen however, most business owners try to find a way to keep their doors open to customers and keep revenue coming in. One way to ensure that card-based payments aren’t effected is to keep a mobile payment solution on hand that can process payments even if your other POS devices are offline. This helps to not disrupt the customer experience while renovations occur, and keeps your payment options consistent throughout the changes.

To learn more about retail payment solutions, make sure to take a look at our articles Simple Ways Retail Stores Can Capitalize on Online Payment Processing and How Many Payment Terminals Does One Retail Store Need.

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