How to Accept Debit Cards Online

November 21, 2018

Credit cards were once the only way to make a purchase online, but this is no longer the case. Be it through credit card brands issuing their own debit cards, or Interac® Online growing in popularity, debit cards are now being used more and more for online purchases.

There are a few small differences when looking to accept debit cards online for your business in addition to credit cards that you’ll want to be aware of. Consider the following to make sure your ecommerce, and online debit, ready. 

Make Sure Your Website is Ecommerce Ready

before you can start looking into the technical elements of accepting debit cards online, you need to ensure that you have the other tools lined up for the job. Above all else, you need to have a website with ecommerce abilities or an online store already created. There are a number of website hosting platforms that can do the basics of providing you a simple website for your store, that do not integrate with ecommerce abilities. If you’re not fully confident that your website can have an online store as it currently stands, make sure to contact your website hosting provider first.

Have an Ecommerce Payment Solution Integrated

Once you know your website is able to host an online store, it’s time to consider the ecommerce payment solution you’ll choose. There are a few standard options, which we outline in detail in our article The Best Online Payment Methods For Your Business.

Most online payment solutions are able to accept debit cards online in one format or another, but like credit cards, debit cards don’t always process directly online as a debit payment. This means that you’ll want to accept a variety of online payment methods through your ecommerce solution.

Accept All the Online Payment Methods

There are a number of ways that shoppers can choose to use their debit card when making an online purchase. Unlike most credit cards that can be used online directly, not all debit cards or accounts are set up to be used online. This means that your ecommerce payment solution should accept a few different payment options, that shoppers could be using to allow them to use their debit card online. This includes:

Digital wallets - digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay allow users to attach their debit card to their account and use it through their connected device. If someone chooses to use their digital wallet online, the payment will appear on their smart device and they’ll be promoted to biometrically authenticate the purchase for it to process.

Third party payment services – many third party payment services can also accept and utilize debit cards for online purchases, such as Interac Online or PayPal.

Virtual Debit Cards - many Canadian banks issue one or more types of debit cards that can be used for online payments, such as Visa debit cards or virtual debit cards.

By making sure that your online payment solution provides these options for customers when completing an online payment, you’ll be able to capture as many debit card payments online as your customers are willing to make.

To learn more about online payment methods, make sure to check out our articles How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online and 5 Tips For Setting Up a Simple Online Store.

The information in this article is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal, business or other professional advice or an endorsement of any of the websites or services listed.

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