How To Help Boost Sales for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

April 1, 2014 Moneris

Make shopping easy for your customers with gift cards

Shopping for Mom and Dad is notoriously tough. Will Dad appreciate an argyle tie? Does Mom love daisies or peonies? Around Mother’s and Father’s Days, you probably see your customers struggling to find the perfect gift that expresses just how much they care. Help them give the ideal present by offering gift cards from your business.

Not only does a gift card program offer your customers a convenient gift-giving option for occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it can also be a powerful way for you to capture more sales. We’ve found that over 40 per cent of consumers who receive a gift card spend, on average, 33 percent more than the card’s initial value.1

With gift cards, you can:

  • Help increase sales and gain new customers
  • Promote your brand with attractive card designs
  • Reduce theft, since cards hold no value until activated at cashier
  • And more!

Everyone’s short on time these days, so it’s not hard to see why gift cards are growing in popularity among Canadian consumers and businesses.

This year, be ready to offer your customers the convenience of gift cards for upcoming special occasions. It’s easy to set up, run and promote your own gift card program. Shoppers get an easy way to choose gifts for their loved ones, and you’ll attract new customers for your business.

To help you get ready for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Moneris has several options to help you get started on offering gift cards. Call 1-866-473-8707 or visit for more information.

1Moneris Gift Card Program Data, 2014

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