How to Make Sure You’re Payment Ready for Opening Day

The décor is set up, the shelves are stocked, and your staff are ready to get to work, but are you missing something? One of the most important parts of a business is a seamlessly functioning payment system, which will make sure that you’re getting paid for the services you provide. But with all the busyness that comes with opening a business, it can be difficult to make sure you’re payment ready for opening day. If you want to double check that you’re ready to take a payment from day one onwards, consider the following tips!

If You’re Opening a Business On-the-go

Whether you’re operating a food truck that’s constantly on the road, a dog walking service that goes home to home, or a pop-up shop that is featured at local craft fairs, businesses on-the-go have a unique set of needs when it comes to processing payments.

In terms of hardware, it is important that you’ve decided on a solution that works wherever you go. Many payment processors offer a mobile solution like PAYD Pro, that connects to your mobile device and processes debit and credit payments through that connection. This allows your customers to pay the way they want, and gives you the freedom to go wherever business takes you.

In addition to the hardware, it’s important to have some extra things set up to make sure payments go smoothly. This could include making sure that the payment processing app is downloaded in the most recent version, having a dedicated business banking account to monitor finances, and even consider an external battery in case your device needs backup power after a long day.  

If You’re Opening a Retail Business

For many retail businesses, setting up a payment solution that meets their needs can be easier than anticipated. When it comes to hardware, it’s important to have a payment solution that will meet the anticipated needs of your customers. For example, if you have a single POS or computer station, then a single countertop terminal may be all you need. If you have multiple checkout areas and want the ability to line-bust when the line gets too long, having a number of wireless terminals on hand might be the right solution. Try to work with a customer service representative to determine the exact solution that will work best for you.

Once your hardware stack is sorted out, there are a number of other things that make opening day a breeze, payments-wise at least! This includes: making sure staff are trained on operating the terminals, charging wireless devices, and having clear end of day procedures for printing receipts.

If You’re Opening a Restaurant

Restaurant payment solutions can seem complex, with multiple people interacting with the solution on a daily basis. However, when the solution is put together wisely, it’s actually quite simple!

Making sure you have the right hardware is key, and discussing these needs with a sales representative is the best way to ensure you have what you need. Wireless devices that can go tableside to process cards makes payments easy for customers and wait staff, while countertop terminals are great for grab-and-go style cafes. Even at a restaurants soft-launch, it’s important that the payment experience is seamless, and that comes from not only proper hardware, but a well trained team of staff members that can turn tables quickly. If wait staff are able to handle payments quickly and efficiently, through proper training and proper hardware, opening day payments should be a breeze!

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