How to Turn Seasonal Customers Into Long-Term Shoppers

August 13, 2018

Seasonal shopping can feel like a gold rush for businesses during peak periods, but when that foot traffic dies down, it can be hard to keep the same sales momentum. Whether it’s back to school or preparing for the holidays, shopping seasons and their customers come and go quickly. So if you’re looking into how to turn your seasonal customers into long-term shoppers, make sure to consider the following!

Extend Your Inventory

Many shoppers have a certain type of item in mind when they enter retail stores, especially seasonal customer who rely on certain businesses for items on an irregular basis. If your product lineup is set up to only meet these expectations however, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales! Extending your inventory lineup to include year-round purchases in combination to your seasonal items is a great way to keep customers coming back for more. This could include things like accessories to your current product lineup, or related items that customers may want to purchase at the same time as the item that drew them in.

Entice Sales with Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are an excellent way to help encourage repeat customers, and seasonal shoppers are no exception. Most shoppers are naturally drawn to a good deal, so whether it’s a free gift with purchase after a certain number of visits, or a percentage discount on repeat purchases, this could be what pulls them back. For seasonal-focused businesses, you may want to consider having a more open loyalty program than other businesses to ensure that irregular shoppers can still take advantage. This could be the ability to roll over points to the next calendar year, or a limit on other time-sensitive restrictions.

Bring them Back with Gift Cards

Selling gift cards is a simple and easy way to bring in new and recurring customers alike. Gift cards are a simple choice as a gift during the holidays or year around, and can be implemented into other marketing campaigns or promotions during the slower periods. Also, many customers tend to spend more than the dollar amount of the gift card amount, meaning additional revenue for you. If you’re already a Moneris merchant, our gift card program offers you cards that you can process straight out of the packaging with your current payments system.

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