Important Features to Look For in an iPad POS System for Restaurants

February 4, 2019

Running a restaurant can be hectic, which is why it’s important to set yourself up for success by using a reliable iPad POS (point of sale) system tailored to fit your needs. Whether your restaurant is high-energy environment with high customer volumes and quick turnover, or a relaxed and intimate locale where guests make themselves comfortable, it’s important to find a POS with the right features to suit your business.

If you’re looking for a new iPad POS system, or looking for new add-ons that could better your current system, consider the following features and the ways they could benefit your business.


Having a reporting feature within your POS system can help you analyze your data and make smarter decisions about your business. Depending on your chosen POS, these reports could include valuable insights such as, sales reports, product reports, labour reports, and more. Having this data easily available will allow you to make decisions about expenses, profitability, products and employees. This takes the guesswork out of staffing and menu changes and will benefit both your product and employee management.

Back-End Organization Tools

An iPad POS system doesn’t have to be a tool for only front-of-house staff, as they can also can make a significant impact on the management of the entire business. A system that includes back-end organization tools can help with inventory management, scaling, central product catalogs, pricing and promotions. Having your POS system manage front and back-of-house operations streamlines management processes and help keep it as simple as possible.

Simple Order Input

The layout of a POS screen should be simple and intuitive, to allow your employees to easily put through orders. This will benefit your servers and improve their efficiency on the restaurant floor, meaning they can serve customers better. A simple order input function will also benefit the management of your business, as it minimizes ordering issues and wasted inventory.

Modification Tabs

In addition to the order input of the POS being simple to use and understand, it’s important that modification tabs are also easily accessible. Whether the iPad POS allows you to pre-set modification requests or let the server enter custom ones, this feature will save servers time running back and forth between the kitchen and save your from wasted inventory, incorrect orders, and putting your customers health at risk.

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