Moneris Offers New and Improved Online Payment Solutions for Business

August 9, 2016


"I absolutely think you have to be online because that is where the consumer is, that is how the consumer is going to know you, research you and check-out and purchase. You have to be where the consumer is.”

- Shelley Bransten, senior vice-president, retail, for Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) software company, in a recent Toronto Star article. 


Ms. Bransten is right. Almost 90 per cent of Canadians buy online (As shopping moves online…). And 48 per cent of Canadians said they will spend more online in the coming years. Retailers need to be ready to meet expectations. More and more customers want seamless checkout experiences and their payment information kept secure. That’s why Moneris is now offering enhanced online payments solutions and new features from ecommerce to In-App Payments.

If you need to add a secure payment page or are working with a developer to create a customized payment experience, Moneris has a solution to fit your business.

Powering these solutions is Moneris Gateway (formerly known as eSelect Plus), which offers reliability and security merchants have come to trust from one of North America’s leading payment providers.

We’ve improved the user experience and will continue to roll out new features and tool enhancements. We've integrated Visa Checkout® and MasterPass™ by MasterCard®, features built to streamline online customer payments.

Updated Merchant Resource Center (MRC)

Our updated Merchant Resource Center lets businesses use a versatile and secure processing, reporting and administrative hub to manage their online store. We’ve also added tools to help you get the most from your online payment processing solution.

MRC also hosts our Virtual Terminal (VT), one of our online payments solution. VT allows merchants to accept credit and debit card orders over the phone, through the mail, and on your desktop or laptop for easy accessibility.

Visit our new Developer Portal

But that’s not all. We opened up our Developer Portal, providing developers with the resources they need to integrate custom payment processing solutions into your website. They’ll find API Integrations, Testing Environments, Blogs (check out the first one here), HTML Documentation, Forums where they can share ideas and information, and more.

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