Moneris: Reinventing How You Do Business

April 8, 2015

At Moneris, not only are we leaders in point-of-sale technology, but we’re continually expanding our payment options, partnerships and value-added services to offer our merchants the best, most up-to-date solutions to help transform their businesses. We’re pleased to share recent highlights, plus a preview of what’s coming up this year.  

Moneris PAYDTM family: Payments on the go.

To meet the evolving needs of both businesses and consumers, Moneris launched PAYD® and PAYD Pro™ - mobile payment solutions that enable merchants to use their smartphone or tablet to accept card payments on the go. PAYD allows merchants to accept credit card payments, while PAYD Pro allows for both Interac® Debit and credit card payments. This lets businesses set up shop anywhere they have access to internet, whether that’s on the road or at the farmer's market.

“A large portion of my sales are done at outdoor craft shows and festivals. With PAYD Pro, I don’t have to lose out on sales from credit and Interac Debit card transactions.”

In 2015, Moneris will continue to grow our mobile payment solutions to better suit the evolving needs of our merchants and consumers.

Locqus: Stay connected with your virtual office

Businesses on the go need to access key company information everywhere – in the field or on job sites, from their vehicles or even from customers' offices and homes. Last year, Moneris partnered with software company Locqus to help make our merchants' working lives easier.

The Locqus App works like a virtual field office, so business owners can stay connected with their team and their customers using their smartphones. Features include scheduling and dispatching jobs, inventory management, and tracking employee hours and activities via GPS - perfect for landscapers, plumbers, contractors or couriers. Plus, Locqus users can accept payments on job sites using Moneris PAYD, the ideal mobile processing solution for merchants on the go.

Moneris AIR MILES®† reward miles Program

Last fall, Moneris became the first payment processor to partner with AIR MILES, Canada’s most recognized loyalty program. Moneris merchants can offer AIR MILES reward miles to attract new customers, boost loyalty and sales, and stand out from competitors without a loyalty program. It's an ideal program for businesses such as restaurants, jewelry stores or golf courses.

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A constant evolution

As an industry leader in point-of-sale technology, Moneris works hard to stay on top of market needs and trends and to deliver innovative tools and partnerships to help businesses grow and prosper. Stay tuned to see what else is in store for 2015.

TM MONERIS PAYD, PAYD Pro, and MONERIS PAYD & Design are trade-marks of Moneris Solutions Corporation. ® MONERIS, PAYD, MONERIS & Design, and MONERIS SOLUTIONS & Design are registered trade-marks of Moneris Solutions Corporation. INTERAC is a registered trade-marks of Interac Inc. and used under license. All other marks or registered trade-marks are the property of their respective owners. The information in this newsletter is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal, financial or other professional advice.

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