Promotional and Merchandising Tips To Encourage Gift Card Sales

October 10, 2017

Customizable holiday gift cards are the perfect present for any shopper, and a great way to encourage additional sales at the checkout station. But once you have decided to start a gift card program at your business, how do you make sure they’re sold? Consider the following merchandising and promotional tips when looking into how to get these gift cards into the hands of customers.  

Appearances Matter

One of the key factors when purchasing a gift card is the design of the card itself. Beyond having a seasonal theme, it is important that customers are able to purchase a card with a design that they think the recipient would like. Take into consideration that the holiday season is a collection of many festive events, and favor card designs that appeal to a wide audience.

Having a gift card design that not only appeals to everyone, but also fits with the holiday season, is an easy way to encourage sales. The more visually appealing a gift card design is, the more likely it is to capture a customer’s attention. Holiday gift card designs indicate that they are timely purchase, and can help to encourage more card purchases as they fit with the mood of the season. 

Make it Easy

In addition to getting seasonal gift cards, make it quick and easy for shoppers to select a gift by displaying a complete holiday package with not only gift cards, but greeting cards and envelopes as well.

By having a complete holiday gift giving bundle ready to go, you ensure that your business is seen as a convenient one-stop shop that considers the needs of your customers. The bundle allows shoppers to maximize their shopping time by getting rid of the need for boxes, wrapping paper and ribbon, and instead is an all-in-one purchase.

With the Moneris holiday gift card package, the choice of a complete package is not only an easy choice for businesses, but an easy choice for shoppers as well.

Front of Sight, Front of Mind 

Once you have your holiday gift cards in-store, you should make sure they stay in the minds of customers as they browse. Take advantage of tried and tested merchandising techniques to encourage a purchase, such as:

  • To spark immediate interest, showcase a display stand at the cash register area to keep gift cards, envelopes, and greeting cards together as a bundle.
  • Use promotional signage in-store to intrigue customers about your gift card option. This could include window displays, banners or posters that catch the eye of shoppers and inform them about your gift cards.
  • Consider running a gift card promotion during the holiday season to not only boost card sales but overall spending. This could come in the form of additional savings when customers make a gift card purchase, such as a “buy a $50 gift card and get a $10 bonus” deal.  Remember that all promotions must be in compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

Think Beyond Your Store

With modern marketing practices, you are not limited to in-store merchandising techniques when trying to get your products out to the market. There are many ways to easily incorporate your gift card imagery and messages in your other campaigns, including print and digital.

If you utilize flyers, promotional brochures or postcards to reach shoppers, consider adding an image of your gift card and small snippet of text about the option. Highlight benefits of your gift cards, such as they are loadable and redeemable at all stores, and that they make the perfect gift for unsure shoppers.

If you utilize digital strategies, like social media campaigns or remarketing ads, this is a perfect place to promote your gift cards. Make note of the cards in unique images and ads sent out to your shoppers, and make sure to send out a post when the cards arrive so shoppers know when they’re ready for purchase.

Ready to start designing your personalized gift cards? Learn more about how you can order the perfect gift card package with Moneris at today!

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