Signs It’s Time to Upgrade from a Mobile POS

January 16, 2019

Many businesses starting out choose a mobile POS (point-of-sale) device as their first payment terminal, and for good reason! They’re easy to use, simple to set up, and can process a payment nearly anywhere a customer wants to make one. But as businesses grow, they may also outgrow their original payment solution and require something more complex. Consider the following three signs that it is time to upgrade from a mobile POS, and whether or not they ring true for your business!

Your Business is Transitioning into a Permanent Retail Location

Many businesses get a mobile POS solution as their first payment processing device so that they can start their business on-the-go, be it at public events like farmers markets and trade shows, or private events like church sales. You may even be one of these success stories! But as your customer base grows, your need for a larger retail outlet may also grow. When moving from an independent on-the-road business to a full-time retail store, upgrading from a mobile POS to a countertop or wireless terminal will equip you with a solution that meets your new business needs.

Multiple Staff Need Payment Terminals

Mobile POS devices are an excellent solution when there’s only one person relying on it, but as more staff members are needed to help customers check-out, your business will require a payment solution that can handle multiple purchases at one time with ease. Many mobile POS devices run on apps that require with a personal login to complete transactions. This means that each staff member would need to have their own device and login to process a payment. As your staff and customer base continue to grow, remember that wireless payment solutions can allow your team to stay both mobile and secure while accepting payments.

You Want to Add More Payment Add-ons

Most mobile POS devices accept common payment types, like Interac Debit, and Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. However, this is typically where the options end. If you want to enhance your customers’ experience and expand their payment options with business wants to add on different payment add-ons, you’ll need to upgrade from a mobile POS. These could be payment options like gift cards or specialized solutions like Dynamic Currency Conversion, which allows international customers to pay in the currency of their choice at the terminal.

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