Simple Ways Retail Stores Can Capitalize on Online Payment Processing

January 9, 2019

Here at Moneris, we know that accepting online payments can seem like a daunting business decision if you’re not fully up to date on the steps involved. But for retailers, there’s no time like the present to open your business to online customers. If you’re looking for ways to easily get into the world of ecommerce, look no further than these three simple ways retail stores can capitalize on online payment processing!

Setting up an Online Store through a Third-Party Host

Whether you are new to the world of ecommerce, or you don’t want to spend too much time fussing about a website, the easiest way to set up an online store is through a third-party website hosting company. Many companies offer this service, some of which even specialize in certain industries. These online stores are easy to manage, and come with integrated online payment processing. This option lets you make sure that your online store and payment services are working, even when you’re not.

Building Your Own Online Store from the Ground Up

If you can dedicate a little more time into your website, you may want to consider building it yourself or hiring a website developer. Designing your own online store gives you more control over its' look and feel, and the payment system you want to integrate. Given that you’re not limited by the templates or other restrictions that come with using third-party hosts, you can choose between different online payment solutions, like a hosted pay page or API, to find the system that works best for you. To learn more about the different payment options that are available, make sure to check out our article The Best Online Payment Methods For Your Business.

Using a Gateway-Based Solution like a Virtual Terminal

If you want to accept payments online, but don’t want to manage an online store, a virtual terminal might be exactly what you need. A virtual terminal allows you to use your computer like a payment terminal, and process payments directly online. This is an ideal solution for businesses that sell large-ticket items where an online store isn’t ideal, or don’t offer a customer-facing purchasing area but still want to process debit and credit payments. You can learn more about virtual terminals in our article Virtual Terminals 101: What They Are and How They Work.

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The information in this article is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal, business or other professional advice or an endorsement of any of the websites or services listed. 

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