Spot the Difference: Can You See the Signs of Potential Fraud?

March 11, 2019

Can you see the signs of potential fraud? Find out below!
Did you spot all five differences?

  • Payment Nickname Field
  • First Name Field
  • Last Name Field
  • CVV Field
  • Address Verification Field

These differences are important parts of a secure payment page, and it’s important to include them on your own. Ensuring that the name, CVV, and billing address match the personal information of the cardholder ensure that the correct cardholder is the person making the purchase, keeping your business safe.
Did you spot the two differences?

  • The top image has four cards on the table, though none of them are being used to make a payment.
  • The bottom image has just one card, that’s already properly inserted into the payment terminal.

Though this just looks like two small differences, they can make a significant difference in terms of fraud prevention. In the top image, there’s a disproportionate amount of cards to guests, which could be a sign of fraudulent activity; these cards could be stolen, or the user could be “testing” cards to see if they’re usable. In the bottom image, the single card being used for payments is being processed with chip & PIN authentication, making the purchase additionally safe. 
Did you spot the 3 differences?

  • Dark grey terminal placement
  • Light grey terminal placement
  • Direction the cashier is facing

It looks like there’s some terminal tampering going on here! In the top image the customer is holding the terminal horizontally, a direction that doesn’t look right to make a payment. This could signal that the terminal is being tampered with, potentially installing a card reader to steal credit card information. Unfortunately, because the cashier is facing the opposite direction, they can’t see this happening and are unaware of the issue. In addition, their backup wireless terminal is being left out in the open, and with the cashier’s back still turned around, the customer could tamper with this one as well. 
Did you spot the one big difference? It’s hard to miss!

In the bottom image, an ID and credit card are being looked at, signalling that the viewer is double checking the cardholder is who they say they are. There are a number of situations where this is important, such as making a high value purchase in-store, or picking up a purchase in-store that was made online. This helps to avoid future chargebacks, and confirms the cardholder is using a card that’s rightfully theirs!

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