Streamline Your Fundraising: How to Successfully Raise Money for Your Non-Profit

July 16, 2021

The “new normal” that the pandemic has bestowed upon us not only impacts retail business, but charities and not-for-profit organizations as well. With social distancing and lockdowns in place, charities haven’t been able to host in-person events that they’ve typically used to drive donations or have customer service reps in public places like grocery stores or malls to gather cash donations.

With contactless payment being all the rage these days, charities have to adapt and adjust their methods just as much as retail businesses do. One way the industry can do so is through a new solution called tiptap.

In a nutshell, tiptap is a wireless device that allows for instant acceptance of any contactless payment or donation. Each unit functions as an autonomous POS system, enabling contactless set-dollar-amount transactions without additional equipment or complicated back-end technology. Read on to learn how charities can help increase donations by using this simple device.

Innovative new way to collect donations

By implementing a tiptap terminal in local shops and businesses, charities can provide the general public with a quick, easy-to-use system for donating. Now, instead of paying an employee to ask for donations, you simply place the device near a checkout counter or store entrance to give patrons the option to donate with their payment cards or mobile devices.

With fixed donation amount, what you see is what you pay. Donors are provided with a frictionless donation experience – no buttons, no chip and pin, and no worry. Plus, since it’s a contactless solution, donors don’t need to worry about cross contamination or germs.

Benefits of tiptap for charities:

  • Complete autonomy: tiptap is the only completely autonomous payment processor on the market – no external devices or cumbersome equipment required.
  • Fixed payment amounts: Device amounts are etched onto the device casing and are never changed during the lifespan of the device. These amounts are constantly verified against a matching ledger on our server to provide additional security.
  • Zero-barrier on-boarding and setup: No complicated on-boarding processes here. Get setup to collect in just a few simple steps.
  • Tamper resistance: Tamper-resistant housing, tamper-proof casing, and a tamper-proof secure chipset eliminate worries about device longevity and performance.
  • Industry-standard certifications: tiptap is held to the highest regulatory and safety standards. Devices do not store payment or card data. Additionally, devices can be remotely deactivate.

On top of all that—to add a little flair—mood-elevating lights and sounds from the device enhance the donation experience for users. These positive action triggers can increase donor engagement when incorporated into new or existing charitable campaigns.

Accept online donations with Moneris Online

If you’re not accepting donations online, it’s time to explore that avenue as an essential vehicle for donations. With Moneris Online, you can have your charity’s website built and optimized for accepting donations in minutes. Backed by Moneris payment processing, you can rest easy knowing all transactions are safe and secure with multiple fraud tools. 

Alternatively, if you have a website that doesn’t currently allow you to accept donations, you can easily implement Moneris Checkout, our comprehensive, hosted payment solution that allows you to accept online donations securely. You can design your own payment experience that fits seamlessly into the design of your current website. From customizing your donation form to payment processing, Moneris Checkout can handle it all and supports most major credit cards, digital wallets.

Check out Moneris Online

Five tips for a successful fundraiser

Looking for some inspiration for your next successful fundraiser? Try these 5 tactics:

  1. Use social media to drive traffic to your website

In today’s world, social media can make or break you. Make sure you have a presence on the social media platforms that make sense for your charity. From there, ensure you’re consistently letting followers know about your website and how they can donate.

  1. Let the public know where your tiptap devices are

Whether through your social media accounts, newsletters, or website, make sure the public knows where they can find your tiptap devices. Placing them in businesses that support or relate to your charity is always a good move.

  1. Tell a good story

Your charity likely already has a great story behind it – so make sure everybody knows it. Tugging on heart strings and relating to donors inspires them to give, but also allows them to become a part of the greater story, which in turn keeps their commitment to your cause going. 

  1. Report on the impact of donations

If you want people to give you their hard-earned money, it’s important to show them how it will make difference. By letting donors know exactly what their donations are doing, you’re providing them with tangible results that they can feel good about. Every now and then, give an update on how things are going. Show your donors what they’ve accomplished and let them feel a sense of pride.

  1. Use real imagery

A large part of effective fundraising is about narrowing the gap between donors and beneficiaries, and photography can be a powerful tool for doing so. If you’re just starting out, then stock images will do. Just try your best to choose lifestyle photos that aren’t too staged or posed. And as soon as you can, use real-life images taken at one of your events or social gatherings. Make it real—nobody likes fake smiles and scripted poses.

As technology progresses, the need for an omni-channel approach is key to ensure your reaching the most donors as possible. As we say at Moneris, “let your customers pay their way.” Basically, the easier it is for people to donate, the more likely they are to do so. Creative implementation of tiptap devices and a website that makes donating easy are two great ways for you to stay current, take advantage of new technology, and boost donations at the same time.

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