Ten Ways to Maximize Your Gift Card Program

Whether you’re thinking about selling gift cards for the first time, or are looking for tips on how to boost your gift card sales, check out these 10 suggestions for running a successful gift card program. 

1. Perfect placement

Retailers often display gift cards at the checkout counter, for good reason. This placement not only keeps your gift cards in the customers’ line of sight, but can also serve as a distraction while they’re waiting in line, which may trigger a last minute purchase.

2. Make your cards stand out

Draw attention to your gift cards by showcasing a variety of eye-catching card designs and messages. By using a display case on your counter, you can pull customer focus towards the cards as a featured product, grabbing immediate interest.  

3. Give them irresistible options

We know that gift cards can be the perfect gift for any occasion, so offering gift cards that speak to a variety of different gifting opportunities could increase your gift card sales. Mix up your selection with gift cards featuring seasonal designs, sentimental sayings, and “just because” messages, to encourage shoppers to pick up a card at any time of the year.

4. Provide the whole package

It’s important that gift cards feel like a thoughtful purchase, not a last minute impulse. This is why offering gift card accessories, like sleeves, envelopes or other additions, can encourage customers to see the gift cards as the complete package, not just a piece of it. Keep these items visible and reachable beside your cards at the register for easy access.

5. Spread the word

In-store promotional signage is a great way to catch the eyes of your shoppers and inform them about your gift card program. Providing awareness not only tells your customers that gift cards are available, but plants a seed to encourage your shoppers to pick one up when they reach the checkout.

6. Take it a step further

Don’t limit yourself to telling in-store shoppers about your gift cards. Highlight your gift card program in your existing marketing materials, like flyers, catalogues, or other mailings, including an image and a description of your program.

7. Amplify your gift card program online

Use your online presence to tell customers­­—and prospective customers—about your gift card program. Whether it’s through social media posts, email communications or via paid ads featuring gift cards on the websites your customers frequently visit, take advantage of online channels to extend your gift card program’s reach

8. Make the experience great

When a customer is ready to purchase a gift card, it’s important that your team is able to check them out properly and efficiently. Proper training on POS procedures to activate, pay for, and utilize gift cards will help ensure that every transaction is a smooth and pleasant experience.

9. Track the trends

Throughout the year there may be ebbs and flows to your gift card sales, and it’s important that you use this data to your advantage. Identify the periods where gift card purchases are low, and enhance your marketing tactics or run an incentive program to help increase sales.

10. Offer incentives

Consider running incentive programs to encourage shoppers to buy more product and spend more money while feeling like they’re getting a discount. Offering the option of rewarding high-spending customers with a certain dollar amount back on a gift card not only provides an incentive for the customers to spend more, it could increase the chance they’ll come back for another visit.

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