The Benefits of Retail Inventory Management with iPad POS

November 28, 2017

Retail businesses of all sizes require some sort of inventory management system to ensure that products are properly accounted for, and businesses know what items they’re actually selling. Problematically however, the task of accurately organizing and managing stock can require significant effort, and often a variety of different tools and platforms. Not only does this result in lost time, but it can result in a financial loss and run the risk of human error.

Instead of relying on employee overtime, management oversight, and third-party tools to track inventory, an iPad® POS solution monitors inventory and keeps businesses organized in a single platform.

Fewer Administrative Hours 

Manual inventory management can be time consuming no matter the size of your business. The inventory management tools that are incorporated into the iPad® POS and the software application allow businesses to track and monitor inventory consistently. The process of adding items to the iPad® POS is incredibly simple, and products can be altered at any time using a simple menu bar. Inventory levels are automatically updated as purchases are made, and merchants are able to set notifications for when stock is running low on items. This may save significant time in manual counting, uploading and data analyzing that can eat away at business hours, and gives you more time to spend doing what you love.

Helpful for Everyone

An integrated inventory management system is not only helpful for management staff, but for all levels of the team. Staff members need to know what’s available in store and may need to alter information when putting out new merchandise. Employee involvement in inventory-related tasks like counting or stockpiling items is reduced, and with it so too is the fear of human error.

This automated inventory system also ensures that every staff member is able to keep up to date with the items in-store. Instead of having to scan shelves or storage rooms looking for an item at a customer’s request, a team member can quickly check the iPad to see if a product is sold out or not.

Lower Costs

Using separate tools or software for tracking sales, ordering items, accounting, and inventory management can get expensive. But what about the lost sales when you can’t find an item? Or the cost of storage space for a poorly planned inventory housing? The financial impact of a disorganized system goes far beyond the price of software alone.

An iPad® POS inventory management system incorporates many of the tools you need into a single platform. This makes it easier to manage business operations, as well as avoid out-of-stock or over-selling scenarios.

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