The Benefits of Working with a Bank-Backed Payment Processor

May 27, 2019

An interesting consideration to make when working with a business is whom they’re owned by. The owners of a business typically make all of the important business decisions, and play a significant role in how a business operates; if you’re a business owner yourself, you know this first hand.  Given this, it’s important to consider who the owner is of the payment processor you’re working with, and how this could impact the working relationship you form with a company.

There’s numerous payment processing companies operating in Canada today with different owners, but many fall into a few categories: bank owned, privately owned, or publicly owned. There’s a number of benefits to working with a bank backed processor that companies owned by other parties simply don’t offer.

Increased Cash Flow

One great benefit of working with a bank backed payment processor is the ability to have quicker deposits into your business account. Because your end-of-day revenues and bank account are operated by the same company, the delay that you may experience in having funds deposited into your account could be diminished. This allows you to have the funds you rely on quickly, and helps to ensure that you’re not waiting on systems out of your control to process transfers behind the scenes.

Better Fee Structures

When your business banking accounts and your payment processor are owned by the same company, you may be able to save on monthly fees from either one of the parties. On the banking side, you may be able to negotiate better rates for transactions in and out of your business account, as these deposits are being made by a company they own. From a payment processing perspective, you may be able to get lowered rates on terminal rentals or processing fees. Having these fees lowered allows your business to save money just by making sure you’ve partnered with the right team.

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