The Best Moneris Products for Starting-out Professional Services Businesses

June 10, 2019

Whether you’re a dentist or an on-the-road electrician, all professional service professionals need a way to safely accept payments. Working in a service industry can bring a number of complexities that retail store owners do not typically have to consider; if your office is your work truck, how can you accept credit or debit payments? If you have to accept payments from insurance companies as well as patients, what solutions are there for you? If you only want to accept online payments, how is this navigated?

Thankfully, Moneris has a number of solutions that can help those in professional services industries! Consider the following solutions, and if they’ll be able to meet the needs of your business.

Mobile Payment Solutions

If part of your job is to be on the road, then you need a payment solution that you can take with you to accept payments wherever you go. To help businesses safely accept payments on the go, Moneris has a few different mobile payment solutions that can meet the needs of these businesses. For example, our PAYD Roam Reader is a compact mobile device that connects through a headphone jack to accept credit card payments wherever you go. If you need something more advanced, our PAYD Pro mobile PIN pad can allow you to accept credit, debit and even contactless payments with connection through WiFi or Bluetooth. Both of these options will let you accept payments wherever your customers want to make them, and make sure you get paid quickly.

Ecommerce Solutions 

If an online payment solution is more up your alley, then Moneris has what you need. Having an online payment service is a great option for businesses that don’t require customers to be making payments in person, or when you require customers to pay ahead of time for services their booking online. There a few different ecommerce solutions that Moneris offers our merchants, depending on your particular needs and website development style. For example, if you want a simple online solution that doesn’t require much technical knowledge, something like a hosted pay page might be what you need. If you have a team of developers helping you on your site, an API solution might be the choice for you. Or, maybe a new solution like Moneris Checkout is right for you. It’s important when selecting an ecommerce solution to work with a Moneris Sales Consultant to find the best fit for your business, so if these spark your interest make sure to give our team a call!

Countertop Terminals

For professionals who have a storefront, a countertop terminal might be the right terminal for you. Countertop terminals are hardwired to your point of sale device to quickly process payments on-site, through a number of different payment types like debit, credit, and digital wallets. These terminals remain stationary on your countertop, which allows customers to pay for their services without requiring monitoring like a wireless terminal would. And, because Moneris terminals are backed by our 24/7 customer support, if you ever need terminal support or guidance, someone is here to help you.

Interested in learning more about payment options for professional services? Be sure to check out our articles The Benefits of Working with a Bank Backed Payment Processor and Interchange 101: What It Is and How It's Determined.

The information in this article is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal, business or other professional advice or an endorsement of any of the websites or services listed. 

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