The Best Moneris Products for Starting-Out Restaurants

So you’ve decided to open a restaurant! We know it seems like there are a million things you need to do to make your dream a reality, from setting menus and hiring staff, to your dream interior design. An important step in opening a restaurant is making sure that you pick out the right  point-of-sale (POS) and payment processing solution. This will help you not only streamline your payments and end of day processes, but many different managerial and organizational tasks.

Thankfully Moneris has the solutions that can grow with you, so we can help you open your business today, and grow your business tomorrow. If you’re in need of a POS and payment processing solution, consider the following products that we know restaurants can utilize!

iPad POS Solutions

iPad POS solutions are a great way to ensure that your business starts out with some of the best hardware and software in the industry. Through our partnerships with companies like Lightspeed and Apple, restaurateurs can fully integrate their payments solution with industry-leading solutions that can stand the test of time. Having a reliable iPad POS solution can help increase sales, streamline service, and offer business insights through reporting tools. On top of those features, restaurant owners also receive 24/7 Moneris support!

Countertop Terminals

Moneris’ all-in-one countertop terminals offer seamless connectivity, fast processing speeds, and a powerful memory. Countertop terminals have a number of ways that they can read card information to process a payment, such as chip & PIN, tap, and digital wallet acceptance. Fast checkout speeds will help complete more transactions in the same amount of time and get customers moving quickly. Countertop terminals are a great option for restaurant owners that want customers to pay at the counter – like a coffee shop, or quick service restaurant.

Short Range Wireless Terminals

Short range terminals are lightweight and stylish, and deliver top-tier payment convenience for your servers and customers; the wireless communication range is up to 100 metres within your location. These terminals have a long battery life to support a full day of payment processing. There is a printer built in to print receipts on the spot, and it is Bluetooth-enabled to connect to Wi-Fi. Short range wireless terminals are great for restaurants that want to allow customers to pay on a patio, at their tables in the restaurant, or at the bar.

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