The Best Point-of-Sale Terminals for Retail Businesses

November 12, 2018

Whether you’re looking for your first terminal for your business, or are a seasoned retail professional looking to upgrade your current device, choosing the right point-of-sale terminal for your retail business can be overwhelming.

Customers want to pay quickly and conveniently, and having the right payment terminals on hand for the transaction can make sure that these demands are met. If you’re shopping around for a new device or just want to enhance your knowledge, consider the three following types of point-of-sale terminals to determine which would be the best for your retail business!

Countertop Payment Terminals 

A countertop terminal is a simple solution that can meet the needs of most retail businesses. As the name suggests, countertop terminals stay on the counter at your store and have wires that connect them to a power source and/or your point of sale system.  What countertop terminals lack in portability they make up for in processing power and capabilities. Nearly all new countertop models feature a number of payment acceptance methods, including swipe, tap, chip & PIN and contactless. With these features, customers can pay with not only debit or credit cards, but Smartphones and gift cards as well. Countertop terminals also have quick checkout speeds with a direct connection to the internet, and allow customers to be on their way quickly. 

Short Range Wireless Payment Terminals

If you want more versatility with your payment terminal, a short range wireless device may be the choice for you. Short range wireless terminals do not require a wired connection, as the name suggests, which means you can bring the device with you around the store. 

In busy retail stores, having wireless terminals could actually come as a great advantage. At the checkout area, wireless terminals are easier to move back and forth between their charging station  and the counter space in front of your customer. If line busting is a service that your business provides or wants to start providing, wireless terminals allow you to do just that. By not requiring a wired-in connection, short-range wireless terminals offer you more versatility than a standard countertop model.

Mobile Payment Terminals

For businesses on the go, a mobile payment terminal could be the solution you’ve been searching for. With our PAYD® solution, you can download the app and run your business right from your mobile device. The mobile PIN pad accepts a variety of payment options, including apple pay, credit and debit, from just about anywhere with Wi-Fi access. So whether you need to take payments at a trade show or on the road, a mobile payment terminal will be able to help you be payment ready.

Ready to get set up with the right terminal for your business? Make sure to take a look at our article 5 Reasons Why Merchants Choose Moneris, or sign up and let a member our of sales team talk to you about your payment options!

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