The Best Wireless Payment Solutions for Restaurants

September 19, 2019

Wireless payment solutions open up a world of opportunity for restaurants. Whether you’re looking to serve more customers, provide more payment options or improve your operations, there is a wireless option that can help. Read on to learn about the different solutions that just might be the perfect ingredient for your restaurant.

Take Payments on the Road

A long range mobile terminal is a great way to accept debit and credit payments when you’re on the go. Whether you’re running a food truck at a festival or providing a delivery service to your customers, a long range terminal gives you the freedom to start accepting payments where your customers want to make them. With a wide range of mobile network connectivity, this terminal can help your restaurant reduce the need to carry around cash and offer more payment options to your customers while you’re at it. If you’ve ever thought about taking your business on the road, a long range terminal might be exactly what you need.

Take Payments Tableside

A short range mobile terminal is another way to bring payments to your customers. Bring the terminal tableside to make debit and credit payments much more convenient for anyone dining in your restaurant. It will help you close tables faster and provide a more relaxing experience for your customers, who don’t have to worry about cash or going up to a counter to settle their bill. It will go a long way to help improve your overall customer experience while increasing efficiency. A win-win when you think about how many more customers you can serve when the payment experience is simplified.

Take Payments to the Next Level

A restaurant iPad POS solution is the perfect addition to your restaurant if you love to have all the bells and whistles. Add everything from tableside ordering to staff management to your restaurant operations so you can focus on the important things, like growing your business. You can also keep an eye on how your business is doing with reporting and analytic tools. Get valuable insights that can help you manage your restaurant, like what your peak dining hours are, so you can staff accordingly.

If you want to learn more about restaurant payment solutions, check out Tips for Table Turnover in a Busy Restaurant and 5 Integrations in Your Restaurant Point of Sale to Help You Work More Efficiently.

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