Tips for Developing a Gift Card Program

August 29, 2019

When it comes to offering customers the products they’re looking for, there are very few solutions as universally appealing as gift cards. Whether you run a local diner or a swimwear store, your customers can rely on gift cards as a great present for others. In fact, 81% Canadians think gift cards are a good gift, and 59% preferred them to receiving cash during the holidays.

Developing a gift card program that can be easily implemented in your business while meeting the needs of your customers doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider the following three tips to help create an effective gift card program that will delight your customers and help grow your business.

Design Your Gift Card Program to Help Boost Sales

An important aspect in the development of a successful gift card program is strategically designing the cards. Everything from the colour selection, font choices, and pattern designs should be strategically considered to draw customers to purchase gift cards, to stand out in their wallet and to promote your brand.

The design of your gift cards should match the look and feel of your business. Whether adding your logo, or utilizing your company colours, the cards should ensure an on-brand experience for your customers. And, when someone receives the gift card, they will immediately begin interacting with your brand, even before they set foot in your store.

Start Small and Test Your Gift Card Program

A great way to begin introducing gift cards into your business is to simply start small. For example, by starting your gift card program with a small order, you can test different ways to market and promote the cards. You’ll learn if one design sells better than another during a certain time frame, and then you can use this information to maximize your next order of gift cards. You can also test to see if promoting your gift card program online, such as through social media marketing or emails, has an impact on in-store sales.

Focus Your Gift Card Program Around Shopping Holidays

A gift card program can be especially successful during the holiday shopping season when customers are looking for simple, easy to purchase gift ideas. By developing your program to be ready for these events, you’ll be able to meet a customer need before it even appears. You can do this in a number of ways, such as by offering special promotional offers with the purchase of a gift card. Or, customizing the design of your gift cards to suit the occasion or holiday along with your promotion. Maybe snowmen or white snowflakes around the holidays, or pink hearts for Valentine’s Day – get creative and encourage sales.

If you’re interested in learning more about having a gift card program at your business, make sure to check out our article  Why Businesses Should Offer a Gift Card Solution During the Holidays

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