Tips for Implementing a Successful Promo Card Campaign At Your Business

June 17, 2019

The Moneris Promotional Gift Card Program (Promo Cards) is a great business tool that can enhance your customer experience, and help increase your revenue. Once you have your Promo Cards ordered, however, it’s important to maximize their use and ensure they’re successful. To help you get started in the world of Promo Card marketing, we’ve summarized some of our favourite tips to help you get the most out of your promotion!

Structure the Campaign Around a Business Goal

Instead of thinking of Promo Cards as just another marketing tactic, think of them as a tool to incentivize customers to shop the way you want them to. By planning your Promo Card strategy around a business goal you’ve set, you’re able to encourage customers to spend their money in a way that helps achieve this goal.

For example, if you’re trying to clear out last year’s stock in order to make way for new items, use your Promo Cards as a reward for those who spend a certain dollar amount on specific items. Or, if you’re looking to get an e-newsletter off the ground, incentivize those who sign up for the newsletter with a $10 Promo Card to use toward their next purchase. This way, you’re not only adding value to the customer experience, but you’re meeting your own goals at the same time.

Customize Your Cards

Canadians tend to keep a number of different cards in their wallet at any given time, so you’ll want to make your Promo Cards stand out from the rest. To do this, make the card design on-brand and attractive. Take the time to play with different colours, background images or logo placements to design a card that your customers will want to keep in their wallet, and want to use. Moneris also has a large offering of unique and attractive templates that are free to use, and will help to simplify the design process.

Promote Your Promotion

Just like the products you sell, it’s important to promote your Promo Cards to your target audience and entice your customers to earn one for themselves. There’s a number of ways to do this in-store and online, including:

  • Email your customers and let them know about the Promo Card promotion.
  • Hand out flyers in-store, or place them in bags once a purchase has been made.
  • Feature in-store signage and displays around the store.
  • Post about them on your social media accounts.
  • Feature the promotion on your website in a banner or display image.

In addition, once the redemption period has begun, make sure to promote that too! Remind customers that it’s time to redeem their cards using the same methods to make sure they’re used.

Explain The Conditions Thoroughly

You can encourage your customers to use their Promo Cards by helping them understand the rules and restrictions of the cards. By explaining the conditions of how to use the card upfront, your customers will have a better understanding of when they need to use it by, and any restrictions you’ve put in place for the card. This also allows customers to ask any questions that they may have, while reaffirming when they should return to use the card.

Measure Your Success and Adapt Your Next Campaign

A key measure of success for nearly any business is being able to identify the areas of your business that are working in your favour, and which need to be readjusted. Running a Promo Card campaign is no different, which is why the Moneris Promotional Gift Card Program includes a number of different reports that are available to every merchant who utilizes our Promo Cards. These reports can show you details such as how many Promo Cards have been redeemed, where they were redeemed if you have more than one store, and even additional dollars spent by customers over and above the promotional value.

By having access to this information, you can understand how your promotion is performing whenever you’re interested. Once the redemption period of the cards has ended and the campaign is complete, you can also use this data to help shape the next Promo Card campaign you run. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Moneris Promotional Gift Card program, make sure to read more here

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