Tips for Increasing Customer Spend at Restaurants

July 30, 2019

Drawing diners to your restaurant may not always be a problem, but it can sometimes be a struggle to encourage them to spend more than average on their meal; some may be unsure about how hungry they are, while prices can intimidate others. Whatever the case might be, your task is to figure out how you can persuade customers to spend more at your restaurant.

Consider the following tips on how to increase customer spending at restaurants, and reflect on how you can implement them to your business.

Train Servers to Practice Upselling, Down-Selling, and Cross-Selling

Upselling is a common practice that many in the customer service industry are familiar using; it involves encouraging a customer purchase more expensive items, or additional items, to make their total bill more profitable. Training servers to be masters of upselling can be a great benefit to your business, and doesn’t take a lot of time. For example, if a customer orders a pound of chicken wings, ask if they’d like a side of fries or a salad to make it a complete meal.

While it may not sound practical at first, suggesting your customers try cheaper options by down selling can also encourage them to purchase more. If diners decline an interest in dessert, offer a coffee they get a coffee. If the daily special is too expensive, propose an appetizer size instead. Just because diners may not want an expensive option, does not mean they do not want more to eat or drink. finds that however servers find the level ground that a customer responds to best, there is an opportunity to cross-sell, where the additional products offered complement the main purchase.

Create Prepared Takeaway Options

Many of your regular guests may not have the time to dine in or have the time to wait for a take-out meal to be prepared. If your restaurant is close to office workers or a fitness center, you are bound to have customers that will appreciate ready to go meals. By offering prepared takeaways options, you can increase the number of customers that are able to purchase meals from your restaurant while also increasing your efficiency.

Make Bundles or Add-Ons More Affordable

Diners may want to add-on additional sides or items to their meal but end up forfeiting them for concerns of the additional hidden costs that come with them. You can make that decision easier by offering combos with multiple food items in one option and a slight discount to purchasing them all together. A textbook example are fast food restaurants that offer a main food item, a side food item, and a drink. It is a simple tactic of selling more food per customer, which helps ensure your customers are well fed and you are well paid!

Offer Discounts for Nearby Companies

If you happen to have a number of offices nearby your restaurant, you can increase foot traffic by offering an employee discount to these staff members. Not only could it draw in new diners, but as word spreads around the office that you offer discounts alongside delicious food, they could come in greater numbers.

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