Tips for Increasing Customer Spend at Retail Stores

August 8, 2019

Every business owner would be happy to see customers spending more at their store, but finding a way to make it happen can be difficult to predict. There are clever tactics you can use to draw customers into spending more at your store that will encourage you to get creative as a business owner!

Consider these ideas for increasing customer spending at retail stores and reflect on how you can incorporate them in your business.

Train Your Staff on Interactions

Your retail staff play an important role in making your customers feel comfortable. Giving your customers too little attention may make them feel unimportant, but too much attention may scare them away. By making the customer feel valued with genuine and balanced conversation, there is an opportunity for staff to cross-promote similar merchandise or upsell other products. Forbes cites communications training as an integral step in not only improving workplace communication but also creating a stronger and more unified image for your business. So, by training your staff on how they approach their customer interactions, customers will have an overall better experience, and could end up making larger purchases because of it!

Optimize Your Store Layout to Draw Customers In

One of the best ways to draw customers into your store is to change the layout from time to time. By mixing up the order of products and the structure of how people walk through your store, they become unfamiliar with any typical arrangement and are more inclined to explore. As a part of establishing your business among competitors, you can set the ambience of your store to draw people in. Make your business stand out with the uses of colours, music, smells, and lighting match your theme. These different factors can draw customers to your store and stay depending on how your store makes them feel. Be careful not to overdo any of these factors, as too much of any can make people weary of your store.

Offer Sales and Limited Time Offers

Nothing draws customers to a store quite like a good sale. Using large signage to promote discounted products will draw customers that may not otherwise visit your store, and motivate frequent visitors to spend even more. Limited time offers are a clever way to make customers act fast on a purchase rather than decide to wait. Using these offers creates the feeling that the merchandise is part of an unbeatable sale and creates an increased sense of urgency for customers to make the purchase. found that in addition to price savings and coupons, offering your customers samples and trials provides potential customers with a low-risk way to try your products.

Develop a Gift Program and Offer Promo Cards

If your focus is to have customers keep coming back in order to increase customer spending, a gift program is a great way to encourage frequent visits. When you offer gift cards for customers to purchase for themselves or others, you introduce a new stream of revenue for your business. You can also offer your customers promotional gift cards (promo cards) that they can keep for themselves! A promo card grants customers a discount on their next purchase at your store, which encourages them to return and spend more!

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