Tips for Thriving During Back to School Shopping Season

July 15, 2019

The new school year has almost begun! As parents, students, and teachers alike prepare for the upcoming school year, the end of the summer is a great time to ready your business for their arrival. Consider these five tips to prepare your business for back to school shopping and keep yourself on top of the busy season.

Know What Your Customers Will Be Shopping For

Before you can arrange the organization of your store’s appearance and the stock you will need, first consider what it is that will draw customers to your business. Review your records to see which of your products have sold best in the past at this time, as well as any new products you offer that may appeal to those headed back to school. You can take this a step further by researching the hottest trends and products that your customers will find most interesting. Being well stocked on popular products and brands and up to date with current trends can ensure your business is ready to grow this summer!

Reach Out To Your Customers

When you know what it is that your customers will be looking for at your store, make sure to present your business in a way that promotes what you have to offer. This could mean utilizing your social media platforms and e-mail subscriber lists to reach out to your followers and remind them of this busy time of year. You can do this by promoting some of your back to school products on your Facebook and Instagram pages or sharing exclusive offers through your e-newsletter. By offering a promotion for followers that share your content on their own social media platforms, you can increase your audience base as more people talk about your business!

Prepare For an End-Of-Summer Rush

While your business may be ready for customers all summer long, back to school shoppers tend to procrastinate in their preparations, which is why you should expect to have more shoppers in mid-to-late August as opposed to July. With so much spending towards the end of the summer, make sure your business is well equipped for any number of customers. Whether this means ensuring you have enough staff for busy days or enough stock and space for the later shoppers, it is important to use the time you have now to prepare for the end of summer.

Ensure That You Are Payment Ready

The last thing you want to worry about in the heat of back to school shopping is running out of stock or not being able to accept a customer’s payment. If your business is not capable of accepting all of the latest payment technologies or card brands, now is the time to speak to your payment processor about updating your hardware or software before the back to school rush.

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