‘Tis the Season to Get Creative: 6 New Approaches to Driving Holiday Gift Card Sales


Fall is upon us, which means that cold weather is moving in and bringing with it the much anticipated holiday season.  Merchants happily welcome holiday shoppers, and what better way to increase profits than to promote your business’ gift cards as this season’s “it gift” by taking a fresh new look at promoting your gift cards.

Below are 6 creative ways you can take your gift card approach to the next level and stand out from the gift card crowd.

Create a gift experience: Sure, gift cards can be the “easy way out” for those that have a hard time narrowing down the options, but it can also be the preferred choice if it’s part of a broader themed gift bundle. Think bigger than just a product or service. For instance, restaurants can offer a couples-themed gift experience that includes a bottle of wine, tickets to the theater, and a gift card for a pre-show three-course meal.  A perfect gift for newlyweds! 

Participate in a holiday event: There are countless holiday festivals, shows and markets that present the perfect opportunity for promoting your gift cards this season.  Create customized cards for the event, hold raffles with gift cards as prizes, and advertise discounts and giveaways that further promote your gift card options this season.

Reward shoppers: What better way to create return business than to give shoppers incentive to come back.  Create a holiday campaign that rewards gift card-purchasers with their very own gift card.  Instead of offering discounts, simply reward them with their own $10 gift card for every $50 they spend towards a gift card purchase.  Alternatively, make it a bit more fun by allowing shoppers to draw randomly valued gift cards for each gift card purchase over $25.

Give back: The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to give to charities.  Encourage shoppers to choose your business’ gift card for the donation you will make on their behalf.  A percentage of each purchase made with a gift card can be donated to charity.  Gift card recipients are not only receiving the value of the card at your place of business, but also contributing to charity every time they use the card.  Your business can also partner with the charity of your choosing and attend holiday events in its honor.

Presentation is key: An envelope almost immediately says “cash or card,” so find a creative way to package the gift card and make it that much more appealing to shoppers.  Find fancy boxes and wrappings for your cards, tuck them into custom stockings with candy, or hide them inside beautifully adorned holiday decorations.  Whatever you choose, make sure to display them prominently so shoppers see how nice your gift card will look in the intended recipient’s hands.

Tie it to a draw: Another way to reward gift card purchasing this season is to hold a holiday prize giveaway.  Every time customers purchase a gift card, their name is entered into a holiday raffle for a large end-of-the-season prize.  Displaying the prize alongside your beautifully packaged gift cards doubles the attractiveness of the offer.

There are countless new ways to drive gift card sales during the holidays.  Tap into the minds of employees by having an internal brainstorm session (complete with cookies and hot cocoa) that gets everyone involved and gets the creative juices flowing.  Consider rewarding employees with their own gift cards when they achieve gift card sales goals.  And be sure to tap into the flexible, customizable card designs from the Moneris Gift Card Program to make your campaign complete. So what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking to offer your customers gift cards, or need new gift cards to add to your current lineup, visit moneris.com/HolidayGiftCard or call 1-866-677-4614.

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