Top 10 Small Business Articles of 2015

December 29, 2015


In 2015, Moneris published articles that helped start, run and grow your business. From entrepreneur tips and tools to retail return policies and payment processing trends, there was a wide array of topics to educate every business.  

So, we let our readers tell us which one's appealed to them the most. Below is a recap of the ten most popular articles from 2015. Happy reading and see you in 2016.


1. Apple Pay comes to Canada


Canadians love to tap: with contactless payments continuing to grow in popularity, the arrival of Apple Pay for Canadian American Express cardholders delivered yet another way to pay. Given 85 per cent of Moneris merchants already have Apple Pay-capable terminals, getting on board is a snap.



2. Payment Processing Fees Explained


Animated and fun, this payment processing video discusses the players and steps involved in every transaction, including an explanation of transaction fees.  Great for merchants and customers alike!



3. 3 TED Talks Every Small Business Should Watch


TED talks are presented by leaders and global community members that have valuable insight to share on a broad range of topics.  The three included here address different aspects of leadership that can help you in guiding the success of your small business.



4. Five Ways to Inject New Life into Your Small or Medium-Sized Business


There are always new ideas for how to improve the success of your business, and here are just a few more tips for keeping your momentum going.



5. SoftMoc: From Shopping Center Kiosk to Coast to Coast Business


Starting out 25 years ago with a single kiosk in one shopping center, SoftMoc has since grown to over 100 locations across Canada and attributes much of it’s success to an unwavering commitment to values.



6. Learn to Speak Millennial: How Every Business Should Be Targeting Generation Y


Millennials are loyal; intensely loyal at times.
Seventy per cent of millennials say they always come back to brands they love. Millennials say that quality is almost twice as important as price.  Provide an amazing product or service and a good customer experience, and you will have millennial customers loyally on your side. 



7. What's the Right Return Policy for Your Business?


A return is bound to happen when you sell products.  It’s best to anticipate the situation and have a 100 per cent hassle-free process in place that makes it easy for the customer and also yourself.  Do this ahead of time and returns can be as easy as any other sales transaction.



8. Cyber Monday and Holiday Shopping: How to Get Your Business Ready


Follow Joe’s Jammin Jellies as it gets ready for the biggest shopping season of the year.  Featuring tips for your ecommerce business, this article highlights ways to best attract customers and optimize your online strategy to maximize profits.



9. 5 Timesaving Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs


Time is not always on your side, especially when you are a busy business owner.  The responsibilities can sometimes pile up and make it challenging to get everything done in a 24-hour day.  Included here are five tips for optimizing your time to the benefit of your business, and yourself.



10.  A "To-Do" List for Setting Up Your Online Business


Worldwide e-commerce sales are expected to reach 1.92 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016.  Consumers can buy everything online now – from fresh groceries to dentures. Of those purchasing in-store, 81 per cent conduct online research first.  Our FREE eBook takes you through the steps to set up your online business.

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