Top 4 Reasons to Consider Custom Gift Cards This Holiday Season

September 29, 2017

If your business is looking for new ways to help increase revenue and enhance the overall customer experience this holiday season, consider customizable gift cards for your business. Gift cards are one of the most popular requests during the holidays with experts predicting that shoppers are planning to spend over $400 on gifts and gift cards1. Better yet, they are a simple add-on to any product offering and checkout area.

Consider the following benefits of implementing a custom gift card program this holiday season, and discover how simple this process can be.

Brand Recognition

Keeping your brand top of mind is important for every business, but even more so for independent business owners in a competitive market. There are many ways to stay in the mind of shoppers this holiday season, and one of the simplest and most visible is offering custom holiday gift cards. This program allows your customers to gift your goods or services to their friends, family, or coworkers, without having to choose and wrap a specific product themselves.

Instead of risking the possibility that shoppers may forget where they purchased an item, and letting your brand fall from consumers’ minds, a gift card keeps your name in the conversations and wallets of consumers. 

Make Shopping Decisions Simple for Customers

Shoppers want to keep their stress level down while finding the perfect holiday gift for everyone on their list. Instead of looking through aisles of items for something that sparks their interest, a gift card offers a simple solution to their shopping problem. With a custom gift card program, you might be offering your customer exactly what they’re looking for.

Encourage Larger Sales

If you want your customers to spend more money in your store, a gift card is a great way to encourage larger overall sales.

Instead of spending 10, 20 or 50 dollars in your store, customers will often spend more than the value of the card that they receive, and pay the remaining balance themselves. This process makes customers feel like they’ve spent a small amount for a large purchase, and makes your business more money overall.

Easy Implementation

Though it might seem like implementing a custom gift card program could be a laborious process, it could not be any easier. Instead of partnering with multiple companies to design, print and process gift cards, the Moneris holiday gift card program is a one-step solution for design, printing and processing that works with the Moneris terminals you already have.

By taking advantage of the solutions offered by Moneris, you have access to a variety of holiday card designs that will catch the eyes of your customers – from the style savvy to the last minute shopper. Customize your card online with placement options for your logo and text, and bundle the card together with items like matching holiday cards and envelopes. Your customized cards will arrive at your store already compatible for use with your Moneris terminals, and ready to be loaded for your customers.

Looking for more information about how to begin your custom gift card program with Moneris? Discover the perfect gift for you and your customers, and order your gift cards  at today!



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