Valentine’s Day – Turning Poor Planners into Loyal Customers

February 10, 2016


Now that we know how Valentine’s Day shoppers love to procrastinate (check out “Last Minute Lovers“), how can businesses benefit from one of the top spending events of the year despite the last-minute frenzy?  

By focusing their energy on turning last-minute spenders into returning customers, merchants can view Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to grow their customer base. 

Let’s follow Last-Minute Marty in his hunt for a Valentine’s Day gift for his fiancé. Marty heads to The Friendly Florist on February 12, in true last-minute fashion.  Every step in his purchasing journey is an opportunity for the florist to meet Marty’s current gifting needs, while also solidifying his future loyalty

Will they both meet their objectives?  Let’s find out:


Customer Service

Marty’s cousin recommended The Friendly Florist given its reputation for excellent customer service.  As American Express points out, 70 percent of customers are willing to spend more with brands that provide better customer service.  Within moments walking in, staff are providing Marty with Valentine’s Day buying tips.



The Friendly Florist employees ask him questions about his fiancé, providing a heightened level of personal service that Marty had not anticipated.  To the florist, Marty is a unique customer with unique needs.  This type of extra-personalized attention is a key element of exceptional customer service, and contributor to customer loyalty.



This year, The Friendly Florist has partnered with a well-known spa to offer reduced prices on spa services with a $40 florist purchase. Extra perks are yet another way to keep customers coming back, and the reputation-building power of a partnership with such a large local business further promotes the florist’s brand.  After deciding upon a non-traditional red calla lilies bouquet (a favorite of his fiancé), Marty decides to purchase an accompanying spa gift certificate.



As an employee prepares the bouquet, Marty notices an Apple Pay sticker at the checkout counter. He’s happy to see the florist supports the latest payment technology so that he can use his iPhone to pay for his purchase – quick and cashless. Bonus: they can also email the receipt so no printed copy is needed.


Loyalty Program

Marty is a great candidate to be a loyal customer as he regularly buys flowers and gifts for his fiancé, and he likes to take advantage of customer loyalty programs. The Friendly Florist recently started offering AIR MILES reward miles to returning customers. Marty is one of the more than 10 million households in Canada actively collecting AIR MILES so he provides his Collector number for additional rewards.  He also provides his email address so that he can be included in The Friendly Florist’s email offers and promotions (they record that in the customer profile screen in the mobile POS).


At each stage of his purchasing journey, Marty has been impressed by the attention and care provided by The Friendly Florist.  Despite making his purchase just two days before Valentine’s Day, Marty has found the perfect gift, as well as a great florist with which to do future business.  

While some may be hitting the nearest pharmacy to purchase candy and a card, others might be going back to businesses that they trust for Valentine’s Day gifts.  The holiday centers on demonstrating one’s affection, and if a merchant helps them successfully achieve this goal, the shopper is likely to turn to them again.

To learn more about customer loyalty and how to offer AIR MILES® reward miles from Moneris, visit


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